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Thursday Link Love: The (Mostly) "Where Are They Now?" Edition

Caity Weaver treats us to the most terrifying joking-not-joking bride from hell ever.

Richard Marx and some dude with a soulpatch cover “What’s New Pussycat?” for The Onion A.V. Club and make it sound like an Everly Brothers song which is really not OK, but it is train-wreck enjoyable to watch.


HuffPost is out with their Emmy predictions and a handy ballot so you can play along at home. You should fill out the ballot in preparation for our no-doubt-intoxicated live-blogging of the Emmys Sunday night.

The Hairpin imagines where the dudes from The Outsiders would be today and makes us feel really old in the process.

Cher gives an interview to USA Today that actually shows that Cher is surprisingly baller and gracious and funny. Yay Cher!

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