Thursday in the blurbs

Rick_Chuck Todd

Tragedy + time = Lifetime Original Movie… NBC can’t wait for you to watch A to Z… and the closest I’ll ever get to being on Meet the Press. All this and more, in the Blurbs…

  • Want an early look at the series premiere of the rom-sitcom A to Z? Probably not since you’ve never heard of it, but NBC is offering it up anyway via its own website, as well as Hulu, Xfinity, and (in a surprise first) the iHeartRadio app. The leads include the short-lived (literally) mother from How I Met Your Mother and some dude from Mad Men. And, hey, looks like Parks and Recreation’s Rashida Jones is buried in the long list of exec producers, so that’s kind of cool.
  • Lifetime will capitalize on the tragic death of actress Brittany Murphy with one its trademark original movies called, in true Lifetime fashion, The Brittany Murphy Story. Airing Sept. 6, the two-bit bio-pic stars Amanda Fuller, best known to most from Last Man Standing but best known to me for possibly the worst Southern accent ever on television during her brief stint on Buffy.
  • NBC made the obvious choice and handed Meet the Press over to political and polling expert Chuck Todd, who people insist I look like. (I don’t see it.) Old host David Gregory is leaving NBC altogether, to the  joy of many commie-pinko lefties.
  • Somebody’s got to watch about 250 hours of raw footage of Survivor contestants for every one hour of garbage that makes it on the air. A whole bunch of somebodies, actually, and they all want more money. The post-production crew is now on strike, just six weeks before the show’s fall premiere. They’re demanding a IATSE union contract, similar to other reality shows on broadcast television.
  • What’s wrong with this picture? An accidental anachronism pops in a Downton Abbey publicity shot (or Diet Coke is getting devilishly clever with its product placement).
  • Comedian/nerd Kurt Braunohler wants to talk about the day’s strangest news stories on his new talk show Getting Some Strange, and Comedy Central is just fine with that. A pilot is now in the works.
  • And the world’s smallest woman is getting a role on the next season of American Horror Story. 20-year-old Jyoti Amge is a fraction of an inch over two feet. There are no small roles, only… (ugh, I am so ashamed right now.)

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