Thursday in the blurbs


Old people watch a lot of television… A&E doesn’t need viewers anyway… and Netflix ponies up record-breaking numbers for The Blacklist. All this and more in the blurbs…

  • The VMAs were the number-one most watched show on television—broadcast or cable—last week. Or rather, among the demo it was. Coming in ahead of the VMAs in overall viewers were 60 Minutes, a rerun of NCIS, and two episodes of America’s Got Talent. Damn, old people, get out of the house every once in a while. Of course, coming in after the VMAs among the demo were two episodes of Big Brothers, so maybe we’re all screwed.


  • Longmire is the second most watched series in A&E’s history, behind only Duck Dynasty, but fuck it, it’s cancelled says the network. How dare you do this to Katee Sackhoff! But much like Katee’s Starbuck, this show’s probably not dead for long. With 4.6 million viewers in Season 3, this Wyoming murder mystery series is likely to get lassoed by another network.


  • Although Ray Donovan is getting a third season on Showtime, the show’s creator Ann Bidderman has been nixed as showrunner. Apparently they’re tired of her going over budget. But Deadline says she’s “very well liked and universally admired,” so at least she’s got that going for her.


  • Back when David Marshall Grant was producing Smash and Brothers & Sisters, his agent nearly died from a brain tumor because she was misdiagnosed by her doctor. She then shocked everybody by quitting her job and starting a company to help patients navigate the healthcare system and get the right diagnosis. Anyone want to guess what David Marshall Grant’s new series is about? No word on a title, but ABC bought the rights.


  • Netflix is reportedly shelling out $2 million per episode to carry Season 1 of NBC’s The Blacklist, which would be a record-breaking sum for digital streaming rights if true (and there’s no reason to think it isn’t) Walking Dead is the old record holder at a reported $1.35 million per episode.


  • The season premiere of Two Broke Girls will involve Kim Kardashian showing up to shoot an episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians at said broke girls’ restaurant, so consider yourself warned. Kat Dennings, you continue to break my heart.


  • All of Starz’s Party Down will be available on Hulu Plus starting tomorrow. Created by Veronica Mars mastermind Rob Thomas, the comedy revolves around  an L.A. catering company staffed by wannabe actors.

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