Thursday in the blurbs

minority report

Not one but two Minority Reports are coming to TV… new additions to Agents of SHIELD and American Horror Story… and The Strain gets new life. All this and more in the blurbs…

  • Wonder Woman is joining Agents of SHIELD, or at least the woman who would have been Wonder Woman if the David E. Kelly pilot didn’t suck quiet so bad. Adrianne Palicki will play the non-superpowered hero Mockingbird. Teen Wolf’s Brian Patrick Wade is also coming aboard as a recurring super-villain who calls himself the Absorbing Man.


  • “Steven Spielberg is developing a TV series based on his 2002 hit sci-fi movie Minority Report that will be written by Godzilla scribe Max Borenstein,” reports the Wire. So, CSI with psychics? Okay, could work. The show will apparently share a name with Larry Wilmore’s Daily Show spinoff, which has got to piss poor Larry off. 


  • The Strain, which is sadly not about Elvis’s final moments, will be back for Season 2 — by which time something we’re assured something will have actually happened in the show. The show is approaching the halfway point of its 13-episode first season and continues to hold strong at more than 2 million viewers for FX.


  • “Thing” Michael Chiklis, “Gamemaker” Wes Bentley, “That Guy” John Carroll Lynch, and “When Did She Become an Actress?” Patti LaBelle will be part of American Horror Story: Freak Show when it premieres Wednesday, October 8, on FX. Here’s a trailer:

  • Ray Donavan (5 million viewers) and Masters of Sex (not quite 4 million viewers) are both coming back for Seasons 3 on Showtime. Someday maybe I’ll get Showtime and care. Even better if they reach Netflix streaming, but don’t count on that until they’re off the air.


  • Did you know HBO doesn’t get paid for 5-10% of its total viewers? Turns out the cable companies get to keep 100% of the proceeds after a certain number of subscribers. Maybe that’s why Comcast is so quick to throw free HBO at you every time you’re so pissed you want to cancel.


  • Mr. T, famous for the pity he exhibits towards people who make foolish mistakes, reported for jury duty in Rolling Meadows, Ill., but was not chosen to serve, presumably because the prosecutors prefer pitiless jurors.

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