Throwback Thursday: Eric Cantor and the Naughty AFSCME Ad (Video)

Throwback Thursday: Eric Cantor and the Naughty AFSCME Ad (Video)

Eric Cantor has always been my secret dreamboat hate-boyfriend (c’mon! He is mean AND handsome, rawwwr!) Now that he has been promoted to well-paid lobbyist and doesn’t have to waste time legislating anymore, we thought it’d be nice to take a trip in the way-back machine to 2009, when Cantor’s press aide had to apologize for circulating an expletive-filled video mocking a union. Seems the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees wanted Republicans to support the economic stimulus package, and this did not sit well with Cantor spokesdude Brad Dayspring, who sent this ADMITTEDLY HILARIOUS video around making fun of AFSCME. We enjoy it today with a gentle smile on our lips and a sunny feeling in our heart, secure in the knowledge that someone even worse than Eric Cantor has kicked Eric Cantor to the curb.

And here’s Brad Dayspring today, bein’ on Twitter. God, he’s a little bit cute, too. Do I have a weird Republiboner or something? (Answer: yes, and it is my curse.) Anyway, thanks to Happy reader Delaney Blom for the tip!

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  • glasspusher

    Man, now that’s a shame, when folks be throwin’ away a perfectly good house majority leader like that!

    • ..with the price of meat what it is! (Sondheim shout-out!)

  • $73376667

    Granted I’m a straight guy, but to me it seems you have… peculiar taste in men.

  • be kind

    That’s a fuckin’ great commercial! What’s that supposed to be making fun of?

    • matthewgreenbaum

      That was my reaction too