Everyone, Come Celebrate Thought Catalog’s Special 1000th Men’s Rights Post!

Everyone, Come Celebrate Thought Catalog's Special 1000th Men's Rights Post!

Old and busted: subreddits by and for and about Men’s Rights Activists. New hottness: Thought Catalog for Men’s Rights Activists. We’ve had the “alpha male” dude explain how to keep a lady and the man who was sad about lady privilege. Today we get an MRA listicle on rape culture. Is it dumb? It’s so dumb.

Someone called Kelly Hills (who might actually be a lady, which does not make this any less of an MRA harangue) knows 27 Big Facts about rape culture and they are all about how the ladies are oppressing the menz and probably raping them too but then covering up the rapes because of feminism. At least we think that’s what it is.

1. Assuming men aren’t raped.

2. Assuming male rape isn’t as important as female rape.

This starts out not super stupid. Rape culture is a fucked up thing and does indeed hurt men and devalue the violence that happens to them. But this isn’t a zero sum game, fool. Rape culture can hurt men and women, and that’s kinda the whole point of talking about rape culture. Let’s see if you get dumber!

8. Posting FALSE female rape statistics in blogs, newspapers, articles, and other in media such as the false rape statistic claiming 1 in 4 women are survivors of rape.

That is some fact-free unhappiness, for real. Pro-tip: if you’re going to challenge statistics, it helps to have other statistics to back up the challenge. We know they probably don’t teach that in subreddit 101, but it might even help you make your case! For instance, according to that last link, you’re right! Only one in five college women is assaulted today, instead of one in four, maybe because of an awesome and undersung reduction in sex assaults since the bad old days before we Took Back the Night. Still, most people aren’t going to agree with you that a five-point difference, from 20 percent to 25 percent, is evidence of GIANT OVERBLOWN LIENESS. Maybe next time?

16. Assuming it’s impossible for a woman to place herself in a situation that is dangerous and could result in rape and/or death.

How many times do you think this person had to write this sentence until it didn’t just say “it’s the lady’s fault if she gets raped”? Listen, no one is arguing that it is impossible for women to have put themselves in dangerous places. What people are saying is that a lady does not deserve to get herself raped or killed in any situation, really. Not tough to understand.

From here on out, the article (we use that term so so loosely) just drifts off into the usual sad panda MRA stuff and pretends that it somehow links back up with rape culture.

18. A male being labeled a “misogynist” if he doesn’t identify as a feminist.

19. The belief that women can’t be sexist.

20. Assuming a patriarchal society benefits most men.

We actually have no idea how this relates to rape culture except to whine about how it is hard out there for a dude.

27. Public acceptance of feminism but public abhorrence of any men’s rights movement.

We’ll give you that one. We do abhor the men’s right’s movement, because you are nonsense misogynist pickup artist people that are SO MAD that you can’t just buy and sell compliant Asian women because American ladies give you too much lip, because you classify men into “alpha” and “beta” males so your only choices are to be a dick or a wuss, and because you write stupid articles like this. You have only yourself to blame.

[Thought Catalog]

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  • M H

    It’s the “thought” part of “Thought Catalog” that confuses me the most. Do the editors define it as “dipshit”?

    • msanthropesmr

      And, at least in my house, catalogs are recycled.

  • tjdubya

    1000? Is that all? Those dudes need a lady to type up all their grievances. Everyone knows dudes can’t type fast…because lacking privilege.

  • JMP

    I am so fucking sick of the MRA trolls these days; lately, it seems like any article on the AV club discussing rape or feminism is descended on by the rape apologist MRAs after a few hours. They’ve really infested the Game of Thrones reviews after last week’s episode.At least they give themselves away early on – I’ve learned to quickly ignore any commenter who uses the words “misandry”, “white-knighting”, “clickbait”, or derogative invoking of women’s studies classes.

    • tjdubya

      I saw the comment of a newbie MRA that said something along the lines of, “No men’s studies…men are never taken seriously…when will anyone ever consider men’s opinions as valid?” I mean he was just trying it out and stuff. Awww.

  • $73376667

    because you classify men into “alpha” and “beta”

    I’m more of a “xi” I think.

    • Sheepshagger

      Tau libel!!!!!!!!!