Thought Catalog MRA Dude So Sad Ladies Keep Getting Their Privilege All Over Him

Thought Catalog MRA Dude So Sad Ladies Keep Getting Their Privilege All Over Him

What time is it? It’s time for us to check in with Thought Catalog, the endless river of unfiltered derp. It’s like Reddit meets Buzzfeed over there, and we can always find something ridiculous. Today, let’s check out super Men’s Rights Activist dude who will type at you about female privilege.


Before we get into his Big Book of Grievances, let’s take a minute to note that using “female” to refer to women seems to be some weird MRA code word that means “here be sexist douchebaggery.” Just a helpful tip so that ladies, gentlemen, cats, tables, trees, pretty much everyone and everything, really, can avoid this type of “male.”

So this particular MRA guy is mad because ladies have it SO MUCH BETTER because of all the cool ways that society makes it easier on ladies than on the menz. We might consider this line of argument if it wasn’t for the pay gap and the way higher risk of sexual assault and the having politicians all up in your junk about contraception and body shaming and way fewer job opportunities, but hey! Once you take those away, it is totally easy peasy street for ladies.

Let’s get down and dirty and specific with his listicle!

4. Female privilege is being able to turn on the TV and see yourself represented in a positive way. Female privilege is shows like King of Queens and Everybody Loves Raymond where women are portrayed as attractive, competent people while men are shown as ugly, lazy slobs.

We are happy you brought this up, MRA dude, because the actual factual thing that is wrong with those shows is they persistently show that the schlubby lazy slob dude is still entitled to pull the hot chick. While that may be what keeps you fapping at night, it is not exactly a shining example of female privilege to show hot ladies stuck with Kevin James.

6. Female privilege is being able to decide not to have a child.

Perhaps they don’t teach basic biology or conception at MRA school, but there are some pretty foolproof ways to not be a father, like wrapping your shit up with a rubber like a grown man before you have the sexytime with a lady.

8. Female privilege is never being told to “take it like a man” or “man up.”

Honey, ladies are told to do that every goddamn day.

15. Female privilege is being favored by teachers in elementary, middle and high school. Female privilege is graduating high school more often, being accepted to more colleges, and generally being encouraged and supported along the way.

Oh, this one! We LOVE this one! Yes, it is true that in some places women are outpacing men in terms of high school graduation and college acceptance, but that still isn’t translating to more monies or better jobs, so essentially what you’re doing is bemoaning the fact that at some time in the future women may catch up with their male counterparts and whinging about how terribly unjust that is. Man up.

16. Female privilege being able to have an opinion without someone tell you you’re just “a butthurt fedora-wearing neckbeard who can’t get any.”

Forgive us for stating the obvious, but everything about this list pretty much screams “I’m a butthurt fedora-wearing neckbeard who can’t get any.” If the shoe fits, sucka.


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