Thought Catalog Girl Shares Feels About How She Is The Best Type Of Girl To Date, Of Course

Thought Catalog Girl Shares Feels About How She Is The Best Type Of Girl To Date, Of Course

It has been a minute since we checked out Thought Catalog, which is a reliable compendium of the folly and narcissism of youth. Did you want inspirational quotes from The Lion King? How about why Snapchat is the bestest? How about a 21-year-old girl explaining why you should only date girls like her, because that is really going to be some solidly reliable advice, right?


If you date a Girl in Startups you have to appreciate that she is obsessed with learning. She constantly searches for new information, tests new technologies and products, and is open to new perspectives. Intelligence turns her on, and she reads blogs and articles on tech and entrepreneurship like others read erotic literature. She may have finished college; it’s possible she dropped out. No matter her level of formal education, she’ll always be up for learning something new.

Yes, girls that are not a Girl in Startups (we’ve no idea why that requires Random Capitalization) never search for new information or read blogs and articles. You are a catch, young lady! What else makes you and your ilk so very special?

[S]he is confident in her abilities. Her decisions reflect her as a person. Not only does she accept this, she owns it. She is hard to derail and she gets shit done. Big risks can yield big rewards, but she knows that she has to work her butt off to make it happen.

Thank goodness! For the rest of us ladies, our decisions reflect an ever-shifting allegiance to nail polish colors, complicated astrological charts, and, weirdly, other people entirely. This comes in handy when we don’t want to feel responsible for anything. We’re also painfully easily derailed by kittens and shiny objects. if only we worked for a startup — excuse us, Startup — we could get on our grind and get shit done.

The other elements are just as you’d expect. Startup Girls communicate! Startup Girls are passionate!

Guys, is there such a thing as a girlbro, like the girl version of tech dudebros, because we think we have discovered it in this chick. She’s just one libertarian-leaning Edward Snowden-defending column away from true tech nirvana. We eagerly await her no doubt incredibly well thought out feels about all future topics.

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