Thor and the Amazon Women (1963) (part 7 of 10)

Then it’s back to Exile Village in the Mountains of Harr, where Ernie Reyes, Jr., Lil’ T’Pol, Thor, and Desmondtutu all come marching in together. And, oddly enough, T’Pol and Ernie are now holding hands [?]. Well, you knew it had to happen sooner or later. The four of them suddenly get a warm welcome from a huge group of villagers all wearing prison-type orange jumpsuits.

Ernie spots the Santa Claus-like guy who I guess is supposed to be the “Shepherd King”, or the “Fisher King”, or whatever, so Ernie hurriedly races across a bridge to embrace him. Then some other, random guys come out of nowhere, and they all join in and it turns into a big group hug [!].

Thor and the Amazon Women (1963) (part 7 of 10)

“Alright, who’s got their hand on my ass?”

We then cut to the Fisher King sitting on a rock, saying that now is the time to go make war against “the queen of Babylos!” Or Naylia. At his side, Ernie says he wants to go, too. The King doesn’t respond, and simply yells at some random underling to “Make preparations!” The underling wanders off past Thor and Desmondtutu.

Thor tells the Fisher King that he wants to assist in “the liberation of Babylos!” Or Naylia. He says that the Fisher King should “make alliances” while he and Desmondtutu enter the “underground city, to find out what forces they dispose of. And in what way it is possible to surprise them!” [?] You know, at this point, I’m thinking even I could do a better job of translating this dialogue.

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Multi-Part Article: Thor and the Amazon Women (1963)

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