Thor and the Amazon Women (1963) (part 3 of 10)

Tamarr keeps watch as we cut to some of the queen’s female army coming up another hill. Yep, it’s the Smurfheads again. Dumbledore tells them that this is the place where she saw the strongman. Yamad then turns to her soldiers and says that they’ll creep up quietly, “so that the strongman won’t be aware of us until the very last!” Then they’re all going to jump on him and kiss him and hug him and touch him and… Uh… where was I again?

Thor and the Amazon Women (1963) (part 3 of 10)

“Lah, lah lah lah lah lah, lah lah lah, lah!”

Yamad reminds her soldiers that the strongman must be captured alive for some stupid reason, then has them divide into groups and surround the area. She tells Dumbledore that she will “act as guide”. Dumbledore sneakily asks to be removed from her bonds so that she can do all that guiding stuff even better. Yamad quickly agrees and has her unshackled, but she warns that if she tries to escape, “you will be killed instantly!”

Dumbledore promises to play nice, so Yamad starts pointing in various directions, sending six groups of Smurfheads off into the mountains. We suddenly cut to Ernie holding his bow, and nudging Tamarr awake. We shoddily cut to some of the Smurfheads running through the woods, then we cut back to Tamarr saying, “The tiger!” Huh? I guess Ernie sees the Smurfheads at this point, because he asks, “Who are they?” Then we cut to stock footage of a tiger. Okay, I’m completely lost here.

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Multi-Part Article: Thor and the Amazon Women (1963)

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