Thor and the Amazon Women (1963) (part 2 of 10)

We then cut to the mountains of Harr, which looks like a prehistoric ghetto. Some kids are playing Crack the Whip, or a game that’s even lamer, where they all hold hands and run in a circle around a blindfolded guy. Off in the distance, we see a little boy with blonde hair wearing a bearskin fur, and he’s carrying a dead lamb across his shoulders. He brings it over to the blindfolded guy.

The blindfolded guy touches the lamb, then jerks back. He takes off his blindfold and scolds the kid, demanding to know where he got the “lambkin” from. The kid’s name is something that sounds like “Homolke”, but since he’s going to end up reminding us a lot of Ernie Reyes, Jr. in the movie Red Sonja, that’s what I’m going to call him. Ernie says that while he was fishing, he saw a tiger “astride a broken tree trunk, escaping down the stream!”

Thor and the Amazon Women (1963) (part 2 of 10)

“Um, it’s a stuffed animal? A carpet sample? Dammit, I hate this game!”

“A tiger?” Former Blindfold Guy says, and he turns out to be a stocky guy with white hair and a white beard, looking an awful lot like Cameron Mitchell in Space Mutiny. He tells some other kids to take the lambkin away. The Santa Claus- wannabe then leads Ernie over to a bench and pumps him for more info about the tiger.

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Multi-Part Article: Thor and the Amazon Women (1963)

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