Thor and the Amazon Women (1963) (part 10 of 10)

We then cut to the woods, where the Fisher King is leading a horse forward. On the horse’s back are our Young Lovers. Ernie, or maybe it’s T’Pol (I really can’t tell their voices apart, and maybe it’s the same voice actor), says that they’ve finally found the “secret passage”. Whew. I was really on the edge of my seat about that one.

Ernie disembarks the horse and T’Pol and the Fisher King follow him as he runs into the caves. They just happen to hear Desmondtutu in his prison cell, calling out for help. Ernie yells his name, and Desmondtutu actually cries out, “This is Desmondtutu!” Um, yeah, I think they knew that. They soon find Desmondtutu, so Ernie climbs up and worms his way (just like a man!) between a rock and a hard place to get inside Desmondtutu’s cell.

Desmondtutu is practically sobbing as he says, “Untie me! Untie me!” and the kid goes to work on his restraints. The Fisher King and T’Pol decide to walk around to where there are some burglar bars that are keeping Desmondtutu inside. Desmondtutu gets his arms free and moves over towards the bars. The Fisher King says, “Courage!” Thanks, Dan Rather. “I’ll help you!”

Thor and the Amazon Women (1963) (part 10 of 10)

Oh, great, the black guy always has to be in jail.

He and Desmondtutu each grab onto a bar and decide to go at it together, eventually succeeding in ripping the bars completely out. Desmondtutu climbs out, then Ernie climbs out, and all four of them run off.

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Multi-Part Article: Thor and the Amazon Women (1963)

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