Thor and the Amazon Women (1963) (part 1 of 10)

The Cast of Characters (NOTE: The spelling of all character names is approximate):
Joe Robinson as ThorThor (Joe Robinson). A somewhat dim-witted strongman in the mold of Hercules. Single-handedly takes on an entire society ruled by domineering women.
The QueenThe Queen. Ruler of that society run by domineering women. Specializes in giving men the Evil Eye, and has a deep love for produce.
HomolkeHomolke. Friend to Thor. His father, a king, was deposed and murdered by those domineering women. This means he’s the rightful heir to the throne, despite being one of the most irritating characters in the movie.
Susy Andersen as TamarrTamarr (Susy Andersen). Also a friend of Thor, and is Homolke’s sister. Ends up being taken prisoner by those domineering women and forced to enroll in the Gladiatrix School for Girls.
Harry Baird as Umbaratutu Umbaratutu (Harry Baird). Thor’s whipping boy. The civil rights movement takes a giant step backward with this character, who insists on constantly referring to Thor as “Master”.
Maria Fiore as YamadYamad (Maria Fiore). Leads the queen’s all-female army and oversees the operations at the Gladiatrix School for Girls.
GayblegoreGayblegore. Another enrolee at the Gladiatrix School for Girls who stops at nothing to win in combat. Constantly tweaking Tamarr and ends up with an extra hole in her head for it.
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Multi-Part Article: Thor and the Amazon Women (1963)

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