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Ursa’s not the keenest on Thor: The Dark World, so she’s getting it out of the way before getting onto the good Avenger movies of MCU Phase 2. We talk Loki, being good in bits and pieces, and why cruelty to the shell-shocked isn’t funny.

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  • Muthsarah

    I think Cap’s pretty emotionally stable. Dude’s decades out of his time, prolly had all sorts of utopian ideals of the future, and instead…he gets… No family. Got a ton of catching up to do. But he’s handling it like a pro. He never gets cynical, never gets overly-sensitive, chippy. Or even old-mannishly bitter and nostalgic. He’s still the same guy he was before…..but after the serum thing, obviously. Mostly.

    Also, are you living out in the country somewhere? You’re filming outside, and there’s no ambient sounds. Maybe a bird twittering or something, but no cars at all. It’s quiet. It’s got grass. And water. It’s got everything!

    Question: If Thor hangs Mjew-Mjew on a coat rack, even a very light coat rack, does that mean no-one can pick up the coat rack?. What if he sets it on a towel? Can anyone move the towel?

    • Hitchmeister

      I’m no expert, but I think the premise is that Mule-deer is not so much heavy as immobile when not wielded by someone worthy. My proposed experiment would be for Thor to set it on a folding table and have someone else collapse the table and take it out from under the hammer. It should cause an existential crisis as to whether it should succumb to gravity or refuse to move because the person removing it’s support was “unworthy.” Would that mean they made it move?

      Of course this doesn’t work if Jeph Loeb is writing. He claimed Red Hulk could snatch it away from Thor in space because there’s no gravity. (I won’t bother listing how many things are wrong with that.)

  • Hal_10000

    I had a similar reaction. When the movie focuses on the banter between the characters and shows off Asgard, it’s pretty good. But the overall plot was … meh. “Oh, noes, another mysterious object we never heard of is threatening all existence!” Yawn.

  • Thomas Stockel

    My problem with the movie was Loki. Look, I’m a big Tom Hiddleston fan, I think he’s an awesome talent. But Christopher Eccleston is supposed to be the big bad in this film and every minute devoted to Loki meant one less for Chris. Malekith’s motivations are so ill thought out and I think the writers really needed to give us something more to go on than “Bringing darkness to the universe”. I mean, come on, the elves have eyes, right? How is light some sort of abomination to them when they have eyes? Is it a religious thing? Fact is, Malekith is a far more interesting bad guy in the comics and it’s a pity that this is what we got.

    So I think you’re right, Ursa, in that the movie doesn’t hang together. But for me it doesn’t hang together for different reasons. Although I definitely agree that what they did to Erik just seemed cruel.

    • Jonathan Campbell

      Well, the whole “Bringing darkness to the universe” motive shows up in OTHER Marvel comic book villains; those villains just happen to be demons rather than the Dark Elves.

      I could probably come up with a few possible explanations for why Malekith would want to do this (like, maybe light is harmful to them or something; having eyes might matter less if they can see in the dark- maybe its only certain types of light that they are worried about?) but yeah, that wouldn’t change the core problem of the film not explaining it themselves, or the fact that Malekith was just plain boring even outside his motive. I agree the comic book Malekith is much, much better. He is like the Joker of the Thor-verse.

  • JamSanJose

    You’re not the only one that thought this movie was just okay. They need to have The Enchantress as the villain in the third one. Don’t get me wrong, Tom Hiddleston is great as Loki, but I love a female villain. They did have her sister on Agents of SHIELD.

    • Jonathan Campbell

      The third one is called Ragnarok so the villain will no doubt be Surtur.

      Plus Loki is in it regardless, since he has taken over Asgard.

      If Enchantress is in it (and / or her sister), it will probably be as one of his minions. Hopefully with a few other minor Thor bad guys.