VIDEO: Thomas Was Alone (2012)

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Sofie reviews Thomas Was Alone, a game created by indie developer Mike Bithel.

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  • danbreunig

    Surprisingly this game brings two books to my mind, instead of, well, another game.

    One is something I skimmed whose title I don’t remember. It’s a non-fiction hypothetical story/manual for engineers and business students (I’m guessing) which involves a protagonist “C”–meaning the literal letter C. Each page would show how C would approach a problem, analyze it, develop choices, weigh the consequences, and proceed accordingly. There was plenty emphasis about thinking outside the box, with images of C inside an actual box on the page. Anyone out there know the title of this? This book surely works with the problem-solving nature of the game.

    The other book has to do with the unique box characters exploring and adapting accordingly to their flat world. A.K. Dewdney’s “The Planiverse” (i.e. a universe shaped like a geometric plane) is an early 80s experimental novel about computer students communicating with a being from a two-dimensional world. Just about every aspect of life–history, construction, health, religion, geography, sociology, recreation, arts, law, politics, etiquette–is discussed as how each applies to living in a world with up and down, left and right, but no forward or backward. That’s the vibe I got from the game, living two-dimensionally.

    ADDED: one more thing I saw in here–with the visuals and score, and the plot behind the gameplay, this could be an album by the Alan Parsons Project in videogame form. Trippy.

  • E-Bon

    Heard and read a lot of good things about this game. I’ve just got to stop being lazy and sign up for Steam and play it for myself.

    • Sofie Liv

      As it turns out, there’s a bazillion good reasons to get Steam.
      And it takes like ten seconds to install, it’s just to ridicoulesly easy.
      I was blown away myself with just how god damn easy that was, and the games available are just… god there are so many and many of them are really cheap. It’s a whole new world of oppertunities!

  • Daniel Valentin

    I love, LOVE, LOOOOVE Thomas Was Alone. If I have any sci-fi theme that makes me squee every time it shows up in sci-fi, it’s artificial intelligence and the Singularity, and this game covers that theme in such an adorable and heartwarming way. Few games have emotionally moved me like this one, we’re talking Journey levels of feels.