RAW FEED: This is Thin Privilege VS. Silent Hill


Original post: http://thisisthinprivilege.tumblr.com/post/
78192491189/trigger-warning-descriptions-of-horror-scenes (By the wway, the only trigger for Rape there is is the fact that she mentions it in the trigger warning. What the actual fuck.) I admit I failed to not be insulting. Picture of an “Insane Cancer”: http://img3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20110217230427/silent/images/e/e7/InsaneCancer.png

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  • Muthsarah

    Twitterpated? That’s one of my most favorite words in forever. It means to be overwhelmed by only the warmest and squishiest kind of dumb love. Does not fit.

    But you ARE flustered, so’s OK.

    • Magdalen

      Haha oops. I was trying to express my constant giggling that was unstoppable.

  • $36060516

    Read the post on that site and it didn’t upset me, though I agree the example she gave isn’t a good one.

    An example from my own life would be sitting in the audience in a crowded theater at “Austin Powers 2” and watching the scene which is all about Heather Graham being disgusted by having to go to bed with a fat man. Everyone around me was roaring with laughter about the idea of someone having to have sex with a fat man and showing him as a grotesque slob with disgusting skin who rubs chicken grease on himself. So, I did not have a good time in that movie and did feel angry at Mike Myers, and haven’t gone to see anything he’s done since (I didn’t find the rest of the movie funny either, my anger wasn’t the only reason).

    It’s not that I think anyone like me is “in the league” of someone like Heather Graham, but I already felt like a completely untouchable person who would never be loved and didn’t need that smug prick Mike Myers rubbing it in. Sitting in that theater with that character on screen I felt completely “othered” and surrounded by people whose eyes I did not want to meet after the movie because I didn’t want to see any smirks from people or hear any teenagers call me “fat bastard.”

    Yes, I’m uncomfortable in my body, and yes I should change. But due to various factors I have not been able to change and I’ve had a miserable life as a result. Yes, it’s my fault. But I don’t really fault the abstract idea of complaining about media portrayals if the target chosen is a good one, unlike the example you linked to, which did seem wrong-headed.

    • Magdalen

      It’s strange because I actually remember laughing at Fat Bastard along with everyone else as a kid. And yet, thinking back, the entire concept of the character is totally cruel.

      Media doesn’t exist in a vacuum, it’s created by people and therefore expresses people’s perspectives. When those perspectives are backwards and hate mongering bullshit- it needs to be pointed out. Like in the case of Fat Bastard. That IS unapologetically fatphobic crap.

      But there is a limit to that. Sometimes people can become so insecure that they see offenses everywhere. And although I do feel for anyone struggling with self image issues, the rest of the world can’t walk on egg shells trying not to offend them.

      • The Horror Guru

        ‘Eh. I’m a fat guy and I still find Fat Bastard funny. To each their own, I suppose.