There Is A Thing Called An NFL Forest Face And We Must Have It For Christmas

There Is A Thing Called An NFL Forest Face And We Must Have It For Christmas

We know at Christmas time, most of you think about how to decorate your Christmas tree, which is all fine and good. But if you’re true-blue rabid sports fans like we are here at Happy, you’re probably thinking about how you can show your NFL love to ALL your trees, not just the Christmas-y ones. Why would you worry about such a thing? You live in America and of course there is a way for you to randomly stick NFL-themed crap on any old tree you like so no need to fret!

That there picture right up top is something called an NFL Forest Face,which is actually A Thing.

  • Decorate your favorite tree with team spirit by showcasing this officially licensed team forest face
  • The weather resistant resin face features a cap that is adorned with the official team logo
  • Made of 100% resin
  • Bring your trees to life with these officially licensed forest faces
  • Original way to show your friends and neighbors how much you love your favorite team

Isn’t that a thing of beauty? It’s 100% resin, rather than some bullshit resin cut with baby powder or aspirin. It will bring our trees to life and to be honest our trees have been kinda sad and lifeless lately. Most important, it lets our neighbors know that we would do anything for the Denver Broncos or what the fuck ever team you buy for us.

God bless sportsball, god bless ‘merica, and god bless you for giving this for us.

[Not a sports fan? Not to worry! There’s plenty of other gifts on our Christmas list.]

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