RAW FEED: They made Sarkeesians game!

This video is meant as comedy parody. please do not take it seriously.

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  • Jd jdog

    Ok this have nothing to do with video but.

    Zara with z is a real name is from english a play by Voltaire

    Like zara tindall

    Or zara Larsson

    Ok mrs Larsson is sort yes and no with sweden anita sarkeesain

    She is not dangerious just annoying hyporitcical dumbass who hate man for the stereotype of macho man i not even jokeing .

  • Jd jdog

    And this and she just hate man for macho man stereotype and just hate man

    Zara Larsson is man hater

    And she don.t Said thing like video game are sexist

    Larsson is diffrence from. Sarkeesain that Larsson is more honset i gess and bitcher

  • Jd jdog

    And diffrence persinliyte that oh Both is sarkeesain is Kina like the fake geek girl mix with strew feminist type

    Larsson is more of the alpha bitch girl you sen in movies and tv shows

  • Jd jdog

    And anita sarkeesain need cash

    Zara Larsson don.t need money she is rich and famous

  • JD jdog

    Sarkeesain is pussy

    Larsson is not pussy

  • JD jdog

    Is like Kina my friend melvin sherman one Said like minions and rabbids sexton blake and sherlock Holmes is sort the same thing but not realiy