VIDEO: Theater of Blood (1973)

A review of the Vincent Price film.

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  • Sardu

    When I was a kid movies played on tv once! And that was it! It never came on again unless it was Wizard Of Freaking Oz! And we didn’t have video! We watched what was on and we liked it! Get off my lawn!!!

  • FEnM

    “Theater of Blood” is basically an inferior version of “The Abominable Dr, Phibes”, which came out two years earlier and also starred Price. It has pretty much the same plot, as well as a “gimmick”–the critics (supposedly) representing the Seven Sins this time instead of Phibes killing his enemies off in ways that (again, supposedly) follow the Plagues of Egypt.

    • Thomas Stockel

      I wouldn’t call it “inferior” to Phibes. Yeah, much like El Dorado is a rehash of Rio Lobo Phibes is technically an inferior film. But where the two Westerns were essentially the same in tone, Phibes and TOB differ greatly in tone. I guess it’s a matter of what you find entertaining and not really being one who is all that into horror, Theater of Blood is the more enjoyable film.

      EDIT: Sorry, meant to say “Theater of Blood is technically an inferior film” in the second sentence.

      • Sardu

        Well, on one hand, Diana Rigg. On the other, Virginia North. That’s a tough call….

        • Thomas Stockel

          Oh, it’ll always be Rigg for me; I’ve been a fan of her since she was the host of Mystery on PBS. And then I discovered The Avengers and my interest went from intellectual to carnal. 🙂

  • Jennifer Schillig

    It was on the set of this movie that Vincent Price REALLY set Coral Browne on fire. Yup, sparks really flew.