The Women (2008)

Welcome to the seventh installment of Razzie Contenders: 2009 Edition! In this special series of mini-recaps, the Agony Booth staff takes a long, unflinching look at the awful movies that got nominated (or should have been nominated) for Razzie Awards in 2009!

The Women (2008)

So. Let’s briefly summarize what we know, shall we? We got our Major Epic Fail. We got the narcissistic Beauty and the Beast. We can now recognize Uwe Boll’s name outside of crossword puzzle clues. (Quick—what’s a 7-letter word for “suck”?) Which leads us to The Women, nominated for the 2008 Razzie for Worst Actress. By which I mean, the entire cast is nominated for Worst Actress.

I’ve seen the original 1939 version with Joan Crawford and Norma Shearer, and I’ve seen the 2002 Broadway version featuring Kirsten Johnston and Jennifer Tilly (it also had “Pepsi Girl” Hallie Kate Eisenberg, back when she was in her “cute little girl” phase). So, naturally, I had to see how the 2008 version measured up. After watching the DVD, I have to say that… um… well…

It’s not all that bad.

This puts me in a pickle, seeing as how this is The Agonizer. I’m not supposed to be enjoying myself. Then again, after being subjected to the mating habits of SUVs, I bet any movie I watch from here on out will be a sheer delight. But I think that of all the 2009 Razzie nominees covered on this site so far, I got the easiest and least painful movie to watch.

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