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And so Miyazaki March finally comes to an end, as Sofie reviews Miyazaki’s swan song, The Wind Rises, just released in Danish theaters.

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  • CaptainCalvinCat

    Spoken as a German, I’m glad, that I understood some of the sentences, that you uttered there – however, there is a mistake. you said “Meine Vater ist (something something) in Düsseldorf.” Nearly correct. But it is “Mein Vater”…
    By the way, I just plain out love your way of speaking english, your danish accent in this. So, whatever you do, don’t EVER try to polish your english. It is perfect, the way it is.

    Do Fanfic-Authors count as artists, too? If so – I, too, hope, I have more than 10 years. After all, I want to do REAL stuff, write real books too.

    • Sofie Liv

      Well the “Mein Vater.” thing is a reference to a danish comedy group, every single person in Denmark or norway will get it… no-body else… i’m sorry -_-;

      The other two sentences were sentences actually spoken in the movie, it made both me and my friend chuckle.

      Sure it does, it counts for every-thing as long as it’s some-thing you create yourself.. or well, I am not to say what Miyazaki meant, I am not a mind reader, I can only say what I see.

      And, Miyazaki has been at this for WAY longer than just ten years, and I doubt he is going to stop.. he has stopped directing movies, but he said, that he would continue writing, making make another manga.

      That dude, is going to continue making things, until the day he dies.. it’s his life.

      As for my danish accent… it’s just what it is, I am unable to change it.. I am working on polishing at it, I have been working at that ever since I started making videos, and I will continue doing so! So well, it’s what it is.
      I speak a lot of english now, so it changes through time, ever so slightly ever so slowly.. some-times I am concious about it, some-times I am not.. so, it’s what it is.

      • $36060516

        I completely got it. I’m very up on the Danish comedy scene.

        (Okay, maybe I’m lying…)

      • danbreunig

        “Sure it does [fanfiction counting for artistic creativity], it counts for every-thing as long as it’s some-thing you create yourself..”

        Thanks for the closure, since I’ve wondered about that myself. I doubt even the best artists woke up one morning thinking “I’m going to make something never done before”, since every creation’s inspiration stems from various creations before.

        As for Miyazaki’s life-lesson about having around ten years to get your creative craft right…
        that’s challenging in itself–throwing your love into your work before having to let it go to the mercy of the world–but then also wondering when you truly hit your stride. You may spend five, ten, twenty years developing your craft and still wonder if your best work is yet to come, or if your missed your chance to be your best before you even started, or whether your creativity is focused into one major endeavor or spread across several smaller ones that would add up to that one special endeavor. That’s what I took away from the review (although there’s more to the point he’s making): do what you love and make it count, because you get only so much time before you release your baby into the world when it’s no longer in your hands. Make It Count.

        Did you…get choked up filming this? Because I can hear it, or I definitely hear more reverb in the microphone than usual. (?)

        I agree with CaptainCalvinCat. There’s no need to fix anything vocally–I think you sound nice just the way you are. Plus I’ve always enjoyed the accent :)

        • Sofie Liv

          I spoke more quietly doing this review than most other reviews.. because that was the mindset I was in writing and filming.

          Now though, I wonder whether that isn’t the way to go with all future reviews, speaking more quietly like this.. you tell me.. and well, the movie choked me up.

          I admit it, when Caprino gave that speech to Jiro about his ten years.. genuinely choked..
          Miyazaki was speaking to me and I was touched! :,(

          Oh Jiro did realise his vision, that was the entire point of his story. The vision, his greatest childhood vision came true.
          But what did it amount to? All of those plane wreckages laying by his feets, not one single air craft came back, and the love of his life gone.. it’s to late to spend as much as one extra minute with her. You spend all your time, the short amount of time you knew you had with her (She was terminally ill and both were aware from the moment he proposed.) or had to create air planes, and you chose the air planes over her.

          Was the choice correct? Was it all worth it? … I don’t know! the movie is smart enough not to be an annoying harp about it going.

          “NOOO you should have been with her you heartless fuck!”
          Instead it goes.
          “You are a good man, this was your dream, she loved you and wanted you to fulfill your dream, this was the choice you made, and now we are here.. that’s that.”

          But yeah, being an artist or creator or what-ever sure is hard.. some fight all of their lifes and they never get to make any-thing wonderful, some just don’t have the talent.. which isn’t their fault, it’s just who they are.

          To assume that every-one will just be able to make wonders would be an faulty assumpation.. but you maintain the right to try, if you are ready to go for it.
          It’s a lot harder than the world would have you initially believe, creating things… a lot harder.
          And if you are to make some-thing truly spectacular and wonderful.. it will mean your entire life has to revolve around your art, that’s the dedication it takes. that’s the price any person creating a wonder has to pay.

    • danbreunig

      Sounds like you have quite a record there. What you do for fanfic I do for music; I enjoy playing cover versions of songs, but I want to actually make my own stuff too.
      Danish, English, German (now I finally really heard her German!)–to quote T.G. Shephard “I loved them every one”.

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