The Stewardesses 3-D (1969) (part 4 of 4)

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Back to the club we go, where various guys and gals are pairing off. This was a heady time, it seems, where small business owners could make a fortune in a stewardess-supported economy. We now watch as a pilot we’ve never seen before heads off with a nameless stewardess we’ve also never seen before.

Caption contributed by Martini Shark

“I know just the quiet place where we can go and I can shed all my dignity!”

They take the stairs to a storage room, where the woman manages to get her underwear off, hitch up her dress, and bend forward to clutch a pole so the pilot can violate her—all while never letting go of her purse. Hey, just because you’re a slut, it doesn’t mean you have to be careless.

Caption contributed by Martini Shark

“That’s right, baby. Your pole results show a very high satisfaction rating!”

A third random man, who also remains a complete mystery, then takes the same stairs and quietly comes in behind the yelping pair as they grind like dogs in an alley. He slams a chair into the pilot in mid-thrust, and begins pummeling the guy. It’s a very tense and dramatic scene, and since we know nobody involved here, it quite possibly came from a different movie.

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Multi-Part Article: The Stewardesses 3-D (1969)

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