The Stewardesses 3-D (1969) (part 3 of 4)

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After some scintillating discussion over the compatibility of their zodiac signs, Winthrop brings Samantha back to his house. He flips a switch, revealing his place is decorated worse than a Persian brothel. And you can see just how badly Sam wants the job when she sincerely tells him the place is “beautiful”. I’m beginning to think Samantha may in fact be a good actress, especially because she manages to keep from laughing as they walk over to a portrait of Winthrop.

Yes, the man actually has a painting of himself hanging in his own home.

Caption contributed by Martini Shark

“I had to kill off four portrait artists before I found the one who was able to capture the real essence of me.”

As I wipe away a tear from laughter (sadly, I’m not as good of an actress as Sam), let’s revisit our LSD-tripping stewardess Annie at home.

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Multi-Part Article: The Stewardesses 3-D (1969)

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