The Stewardesses 3-D (1969) (part 2 of 4)

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The cheesy music comes back as we rejoin Brad Masters, now at the airport terminal, where the PA announcer struggles to be heard over the Muzak. Captain Masters saunters past a gift shop, where inside we meet another stewardess, Samantha, as she’s sampling some perfume… in glorious 3-D!

Samantha next tries on some sunglasses, and then she spots a studly 65 year old gentleman beside her. He’s Colin Winthrop, and Samantha checks him out over her glasses, and he smiles in a lascivious fashion. The sexual energy between these two might just be enough to power a bathroom nightlight.

And then it’s back to Brad Masters as he boards the plane, and settles himself into the pilot’s chair in the cockpit. He begins randomly flipping switches and turning knobs, and I’m immediately struck by the ludicrous nature of this visual. How on earth did a porn production company convince an airline to allow one of their mooks to actually come in and monkey around with the controls of an airplane? I can’t imagine something like this taking place today, in this era of shoe inspections and full-body scans. Truly, the terrorists have won.

Caption contributed by Martini Shark

“I don’t know about all these dials, but I sure know how to handle a joystick!”

Brad Masters flips a few more switches, and thankfully, the roar of the engines starts up, drowning out the crappy bossa nova music on the soundtrack. We then get a close up of one engine, and then another. And yet, as we hear both engines wind up to screaming levels, we can clearly see the turbines aren’t moving.

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Multi-Part Article: The Stewardesses 3-D (1969)

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