The Specialist (1994) (part 2 of 4)

The call ends, and we next find Ray walking the streets. A stray cat falls in behind him, and he ends up taking the cat on the bus. Yes, our hero is a sensitive animal lover with a rigid moral code. At least they didn’t resort to having him befriend a lonely orphan.

Caption contributed by Ed

One’s a cop, the other coughs up hairballs. Together, they… Well, they hang out with Bob Barker and Betty White a lot. Kind of weird, really.

With that, the credits end, and we fade to the next day. Ray tails May from her house to a cemetery, where she lays flowers on a grave. As she does this, Ray listens to what I assume is a tape recording of a prior call with her, while we get a flashback to May’s father being killed on the orders of Eric Roberts’ character. This scene covers pretty much the same territory we already covered, and really only serves to get our stars into the same scene together without having them actually meet.

The Specialist (1994) (part 2 of 4)

Hey, I didn’t write the goddamn thing. If I did, I wouldn’t have had the two leads interacting with each other solely through voicemail for the first half of the movie!

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Multi-Part Article: The Specialist (1994)

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