The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising (2007) (part 5 of 14)

Outside, Will is busy hurling stones into the lake. Well, he throws one stone and then wanders off into what looks to be misty parkland. As he stands there, doing that “breathe in sharply” thing actors like to do at moments like this, and which I’ve never seen anybody do in real life, a vague shape appears in the mist and then resolves itself into a big white horse. With a black-clad guy on its back. The horse quickly works its way into our hearts by moving ultra-fast for an instant, then suddenly freezing, going into slo-mo and then speeding up again (told you so). Then, as we cut back to Will, the thing finally decides to get down to business and comes running straight at him. While it’s doing that, it does the slow-down-speed up thing again before settling for plain old slo-mo. Then we get a quick shot of Will’s neck while he breathes quickly in fright. Um, okay, that was… interesting. Then we see the rider still coming, and then cut back to Will for—I swear—the exact same weird zoom-in shot they used in Jaws—they used something similar earlier on, but this time the technique is bold and obvious. Look out, Will, a big shark with rubber teeth is after you!

The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising (2007) (part 5 of 14)

Caption contributed by Jet


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Multi-Part Article: The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising (2007)

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