The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising (2007) (part 14 of 14)

I guess the screenwriter also decided to cut-and-paste the rider’s favourite line, because, for the billionth time, he tells Will to give him the Signs. I’ve got an idea: why don’t you just take them? Will predictably says no, and the rider “ominously” says “then your time is at an end.” Suddenly he’s on his horse again, and he uses the good old slow-down-speed-up thing to menace Will. Unfortunately, while he’s wasting time doing this, Merriman attacks. And I swear, I thought the bouncy balls were comical, but now we’re seeing a middle-aged, stocky bearded guy in an overcoat leaping through the air like a pouncing jaguar, bellowing ferociously and waving a morningstar (I have got to get me one of those). He tries to strangle the rider with the chain, only to be hurled away, straight upward, and be swallowed by the big cloud of black mist that’s hanging around up there. Next Miss Greythorne (still in her old lady clothes, mark you) attacks with a sword, only to suffer the same fate. The Perv doesn’t seem to be there. I’ve got another idea, guys: why not attack at the same time?

The rider retaliates by hurling away the snow globe (who on earth thought the snow globes were a good idea? And can I have some of whatever they were having?), which bounces across the floor and falls down some stairs, where it lands in a pool of water and sinks, with Tom still inside. Nuuuuu!

Then the last remaining Perv suddenly appears, rising out of the water, and attacks, with predictable results. With him out of the way, the rider (now off his horse again—the damn thing appears and disappears just like the one Eragon rode!) tells Will that without the sixth Sign, he’s no match for him. Then he finally gets down to business, and throws him into the mist with the rest of them. Will goes spinning off into the blackness, and I fight down a terrible urge to yell “Zeppelin ruuuuuules!” Now the rider has finally rid himself of those pathetic excuses for enemies, he suddenly is back on his horse and rides away, crowing his victory.

Caption contributed by Jet

Sorry for the lack of screencaps—the whole scene really is this dark.

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Multi-Part Article: The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising (2007)

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