The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising (2007) (part 12 of 14)

This time they end up in what looks to be a village dating to the 1600s (okay, okay, they arrive just as the bell is being put up and it has the date on its holder. I never said I didn’t take the easy way out with this sort of thing). RiderMax starts cackling and calls Will the Seeker. Will responds by calling him weird. Man, siblings can be so cruel, can’t they? RiderMax’s response is to break out the Tae Kwon Do (aren’t you happy that they clumsily introduced it earlier in the movie?). However, Will uses his super-strength to throw him across the village square. (Meanwhile, none of the villagers look very surprised to see them—if it weren’t for that business with the Celtic warrior earlier on, I’d think Will was invisible to them or something). Will leaves riderMax dazed on the ground, and runs into a nearby tavern. Yeah, I could use a stiff drink too. Inside, the villagers are having a cockfight (I’m going to skip the dirty jokes here—they’re just not really my style. Well, okay, there were all those paedophile lines earlier on. Sue me). Will sees the Sign—it’s a decorative clapper inside yet another bell hanging from the roof.

Caption contributed by Jet

Strangely enough, none of these guys show any sign of noticing the two weirdly-dressed strangers just appear out of nowhere and start trying to kill each other.

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Multi-Part Article: The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising (2007)

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