VIDEO: The Reward (2013)

A brief review of The Reward, a wordless 2D animated short from Denmark where two boys must travel together on an epic quest for treasure. You can watch the original short here! Also: a follow-up on last week’s Oscars.

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  • MephLord

    That ending piano piece was beautiful…simplistic, minimalistic but enchanting nonetheless…does that encapsulate the way the short unfolds?

    • if you’re referring to the piano piece during my end credits; that’s actually a composition of the Harry Potter theme! It’s a very sweet piece, however the score to “The Reward” is pretty good as well!

  • Moof

    The Assassins of Tamurin is probably the last fantasy I read that actually seemed fresh, without mixing genres. Unfortunately it’s a book, so I doubt you’d ever review it. The Assassin’s of Tamurin has its place as something unique in the Fantasy genre, in my mind, is because it axes many of the things you mention (it’s not just another rehash setting with elves and dwarves and all that. No Elves. Only ‘Human’ races, and not ‘our’ Human races). It may not be what you were referring to, however, as you . . . did say High Fantasy. Assassins of Tamurin hits more in the low fantasy setting. Possibly why it’s not guilty of the things you mentioned.

    • I think I get more hung up about High Fantasy, and what you’re describing seems less like that. I might give it a look, however not for a review since I focus on animation. 🙂

      • Jason Withrow

        Oftentimes, mixing genres will be enough to scuttle something being called “high fantasy.” Maybe that’s a good line on the issue, really: high fantasy has become so locked in the same plot that literally any changes will fix the problem, but will also kick it out of the genre.

        • Exactly. Make Star Wars a High Fantasy, and as people have pointed out you get “Eragon.”

  • danbreunig

    I gotta wonder if the Reward creators got some inspiration from The Triplets of Belleville. The visuals really made me think of that movie somehow, and even the pacing. Or maybe just the fact that they’re both “silent” films.

    • Actually, Sylvain Chomet is a relatively popular animator. I wouldn’t be surprised if they took inspiration from him. He has a very traditional aesthetic to his films like “The Illusionist.”

  • Sofie Liv

    Oh yeah that is a thing.

    Our animators schools is world wide recognised as being some of the best.. if not the best, spouting out massive talent.

    No lie, Dream-works and Pixar is every single year head hunting among the graduates of our animation schools, particularly Viborg Animation, and every single year they import danes to Dream-works and Pixar. There is a good work force of danes as animators at these studios now, as well as many other internationally recognised studios.
    I know one of the head animators on how the train your dragon, the guy whom was responsible for animation on the main character, is a dane. And well many others.

    It’s maybe not that visible, but the danes has infiltred the big animation companies a while ago, and they are still imported in every year as the studios are still exspanding.

    Which makes it so weird that our own animation is such a big meh… maybe it’s because Pixar and Dream-works is grabbing all of our best talent. I dunno…

    And personally, I love good fantasy! so well, each to their own I guess.
    Also.. fantasy pretty much covers every-thing that has to do with magic, and only the imagination is the limit, the fantasy writers whom are stuck on the old formular just doesn’t have any imagination, cause there are so many other things to do with the genre, for any-one whom is open to the idea. I’ve read many different fantasi books in my time with many different ideas, it has been great!

    • I figure you’d be a big fan of fantasy judging by your reviews and our last conversation :). Otherwise, it’s refreshing to see European animation that doesn’t have to come out of Goeblins (which is to say that it’s not a bad school, but like CalArts seems to undermine the different animation that’s being produced in the states).

      Now how about that little jab I made about the red suitcase-portfolios 😉

      • Sofie Liv

        Hehe, I’m even a role-player you know.

        So people wont find you with the dices, but well.. they’ll find me.. every wednesday actually.. at the local role-play club. My entire circle of friens is from role-playing!

        And i’m a life role-player to. I’ve been charging around in a forest after goblins a few times.. and i’m going to play an MPC character as a forest Elf here at June… he he.

        So yeah.. Fantasy is my thing, I LOVE it… Probably why I loved the Hobbit so much last December, I shouldn’t have praised it as much as I did, but it was just a movie that spelled. “Sofie.” all over it, and had every-thing I like, which I don’t get to see so often in good movies.

        Actually.. there is A LOT of really great shorts coming out of Viborg animation school every single year. (probably why Pixar and dream-works is deliberately head-hunting right there every year.) Here is one I am quite fond of myself, I think they really managed to create a style and lasting image with their limited budget and big creativity

        And about the jab, yeah it’s true, they all run around with red suitcases, of cause they do.

        Got to say though, I would have been dissapointed if you hadn’t made at least one jab at me! I was waiting for it to come 😉

        • lol, I try to keep references to other reviewers to a minimum irregardless of who they are; however when the short is made from Denmark and one of my cohorts is Danish… I couldn’t resist! Right now:

          10 jokes I can make about Renegado when I review something Mexican

          34953 jokes on Ursa when I review “Brave” (and I think I may have made one already for my cameo in her Juno review)

          and i’ve lost count on how many jabs I’ll make at Mendo when I review something by Ralph Bakshi!

          • Sofie Liv


            I freely admit it, I make jabs at other booth reviewers when-ever I can, I think it makes us stand stronger as a group instead of several removed entities, and I like to think of us as a group and working unit. It shows that we actually does acknowledge each other and can work together, instead of moving away from each other.

            I just really like being in a group, especially in a group with so many awesome people ^^

          • It’s more or less a balance. While I love working with everybody, there are things I like to do independently with my show (not to come across as an egotistical dick or anything). On one hand I collaborate because I love being a team player, and on the other I like being a lone wolf.

          • $36060516

            Or as they say in Italian, “lupo solitario.”

          • hmmm…. I sense a great t-shirt in the works! 😉