The Return of the King (1980) (part 2 of 8)


Bilbo begins to get tired, as one would expect from a guy who’s been knocking around for 129 years, and it turns out he’s holding onto the book that he’s evidently been writing. Though, there has been a slight change to the title.

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You know, nearly getting eaten by a talking dragon has never been my idea of a “holiday”.

Bilbo begins to get nostalgic, and asks Frodo what happened to his ring, which leads to some brief flashbacks to the Hobbit movie, including Gollum, who Bilbo took the ring from, and in the version that’s actually worth watching, has a real part in the plot.

Frodo replies he lost it, and I have to say, it’s rather odd to have the same actor playing both Frodo and Bilbo here. Essentially, you’re watching a man talking to himself. If they were still supposed to be related it might work—And I’m being exceptionally generous in that assessment.

The Return of the King (1980) (part 2 of 8)

They go on about the ring for a little, until Frodo casually begins puffing on a pipe, at which point Bilbo suddenly realizes Frodo is missing a finger on his right hand. I guess the old handshake isn’t big in Middle Earth, since generally, when you shake a person’s hand, the lack of a finger is something you would more than likely notice. I know I would. Hell, if it was someone I knew was an asshole, I might consider screaming and running upon the revelation.

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Multi-Part Article: The Return of the King (1980)

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