The Pumaman (1980) (part 7 of 10)

Cut to Kobras talking to Jane on the phone. He asks what Pumaman wanted. Jane replies, “Nothing.” Nothing, huh? Just decided to materialize in your car because he had nothing better to do, eh? After what feels like ten minutes of silence, Kobras says, “He came to look for you.” Gee, you think?

She insists he wanted nothing as we cut to her, and it looks like Kobras’ men are holding her at gunpoint in her car. Meanwhile, Kobras walks towards Jane’s mannequin head. For some reason, there’s a pane of glass behind the shelves of mannequin heads, and you can pretty clearly see the reflections of the crew in it. Way to go, gang.

Kobras demands to know how Pumaman disappeared. Dude, he’s the Pumaman! Wouldn’t you just assume he used some of his Puma powers? Jane says, “I don’t know anything!” Truer words. Never spoken. Kobras then looks over and sees cracks [??] forming in Jane’s mannequin head. He hangs up and runs to his Gold Mask Hobby Horse ride and is lifted up on hydraulics.

He yells, “Why do you resist me, Jane? You’ve fallen in love!” We see Jane still on the phone, listening to him. So, I guess he didn’t hang up, and he just put her on speakerphone? I know he’s an evil genius and all, but that’s just rude.

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Multi-Part Article: The Pumaman (1980)

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