The Pumaman (1980) (part 5 of 10)

Cut to Beard telling Kobras about Tony’s “tremendous leaps!” Uh, those didn’t look like leaps to me, it looked like straight-out flying, but whatever. Beard says, “That wasn’t a man, it was a cat jumping!” Kobras says that now that they’ve found Pumaman, they only have to kill him, which is “the easiest job of all!” Uh, no, Donald, playing this role is your easiest job of all.

They come upon Jane blankly staring into space. Uh, we’re filming here. Do you mind?

The Pumaman (1980) (part 5 of 10)

“Ohmigod… I can’t believe I kissed that loser!”

A softer version of the Pumaman Theme plays as Tony asks Vadinho, “Why me?” Vadinho says that “many men have received special powers from the sky! But they do not know it! Now you know!” And knowing is half the battle!

Tony dismisses this all as a “trick”, but when he goes to walk away, he suddenly hovers in the air to spacey “hovering” sound effects. Of course, we don’t actually see him below the knees in this shot. I wonder why.

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Multi-Part Article: The Pumaman (1980)

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