The Pumaman (1980) (part 1 of 10)

The Cast of Characters:

The Pumaman (1980) (part 1 of 10) The Pumaman (Walter George Alton). Real name: Tony Farms. An American Puma in London—that is, London, Italy. A paleontologist by day, but once he straps on a hideous belt, he becomes the Pumaman, a scrawny, whiny superhero with all the powers of a puma, which of course include walking through walls, tearing steel, and flying while his body is bent at an obtuse angle. And also, if you like Casual Fridays, you’ll love Pumaman’s costume.
The Pumaman (1980) (part 1 of 10) Vadinho (Miguel Angel Fuentes). Supposedly Pumaman’s Aztec sidekick, but he pretty much out-superheroes Pumaman in every single scene he’s in. He obviously kicks more ass, but more importantly, he’s much smarter than Pumaman, and this movie really should have been called The Indigenousman. You’ll root for him, even though he becomes this movie’s Will Sampson by constantly speaking in meaningless riddles.
The Pumaman (1980) (part 1 of 10) Kobras (Donald Pleasence). The Embarassed Actor of the movie, and also, the Lex Luthor of the movie. Unfortunately, Gene Hackman could beat the crap out of Kobras with both hands tied behind his back. Hell, Michael Rosenbaum could run big villainous circles around Kobras. Has a plan to—what else?—take over the world. Supposedly, only Pumaman can stop him, but it seems a two-by-four could do the trick just fine.
The Pumaman (1980) (part 1 of 10) Jane Dobson (Sydney Rome). Pumaman’s love interest, though she doesn’t inspire much love or interest from anybody in the audience. Gets turned into a mindless zombie by Kobras, thus explaining her attraction to Pumaman. Has a closet full of leather skullcaps and frosted eye shadow, and loves dinosaur jokes that make no sense.

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Multi-Part Article: The Pumaman (1980)

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