RAW FEED: The Problem with 4Chan

J.T SEXKIK – Why I left 4Chan (a tale of Suspense): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hhx6IfKrvEQ

I know this is probably asking too much of the internet, but I’m hoping we can all refrain from the entitled rage and shit flinging if only for one video. Please note the following:

* It’s okay for you to disagree with me.
* It’s okay for you to explain why you disagree with me.
* It’s okay for you to feel defensive.

But I think what we can all agree on here is that lashing out -from either side- is not helping anyone anywhere.

I know several of you wont even finish the video and will start typing angry comments before I even get my point across. Others will get linked from a another source and just start yelling because of the title. This is inevitable in the medium. I understand that.

I also understand that when you’re discussing a community of people who are well known for aggressively harassing anyone who dares invoke their name, that is also *probably* inevitable.

Embittered people will always push you away before they will ever let you in. But not all of you will push us away, and this video is for you.

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  • NS

    I know that the specific thread posted by the Oregon shooter was an example than the entire basis of your argument, but I think it tells a more nuanced story than you give it credit for. (BTW, I’m going off of http://imgur.com/tDxuCsA) There are people who egg him on, primarily, as you point out, because they don’t take it seriously, but several posters ridicule him for it and one posts a way to report the thread to the FBI. I might be reading into it too much, but it seems like some posters tried subtly to solicit more information–trying to get him to identify more specifically than “the northwest” where he was going to strike and to figure out details like his age and if he was in college.

    This isn’t to say that the disaffection you describe isn’t there, but to ask what more one could have expected the forum to do, beyond soliciting more information and trying to report it to the FBI. He might have been disuaded more effectively online, for sure, and might have been, if trolling and joking about shootings weren’t so common in that community, but I’m not sure what more concrete steps were available to the board.

    In defence of 4chan, it collectively has aided in identifying and combating child pornography, both in doxing people involved in the creation and distribution of it and through social policing (e.g. ridiculing people soliciting it on the board). Some of the latter was in play in this case (he was told “fuck off”, “dont do it if ur srs”, etc. and called an “insecure manchild”, for example), but they didn’t have much more to go on.

    Though 4chan is a haven for misfits and the somewhat antisocial, it’s not, collectively, pro-violence or all that malignant. I think the fact that the shooter posted there is a reflection of the community’s acceptance of the maladjusted, not that the community produced a shooter. I like your conclusion that critics should focus on reforming the community instead of ostracizing it or trying to destroy it, but a desire to turn people away from truly vile behavior already exists there; in this case, not knowing how to really deal with the situation seems to have been the real issue.

    Besides all that, from a purely pragmatic standpoint, making the community less anarchical might have the effect of pushing the truly antisocial to more obscure corners of the net, making even the slim chance that 4chan has of identifying them or providing them an outlet vanish.

    Anyway, thoughtful video. 🙂