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In this episode, Jerry Nava teams up with special guest… Jerry Nava, his fedora-less alter ego, for a rare review of something that has nothing to do with Mexico: Season 8 of ABC’s The Practice. It’s that mostly forgotten season where David E. Kelley fired half the cast and brought in James Spader as unscrupulous attorney Alan Shore, and later on, William Shatner as the legendary Denny Crane, for what was essentially a year-long setup for the spin-off Boston Legal.

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  • jj1960

    Loved Season 8 of The Practice! It actually became my favorite season of the show…all because of Alan Shore. What a fantastic character! James Spader was impeccable in that role, and as you said, “He stole every scene that he was in.”

  • Olaf_the_Lofty

    I’m sorry, Jerry, but the opening two minutes of dialogue between Jerry and Jerry just weren’t funny to me.  The video would have been better if that was cut and you got straight on with the discussion of “The Practice”.

    • Noted. Glad you enjoyed the analysis though. I’ll try to keep the character interaction to a minimum.

  • CaptainCalvinCat

    hey, great review. ^^

    I stumbled upon the show “Boston Legal”, when a friend recommended it to me. And yes – I liked it.
    The interactions were fun, Alan and Denny were on top of their game – and it had Rose Nylund from Golden Girls in it. ^^

    by the way – just a partially related question: Who do you think is the better Daniel Jackson? James Spader or Michael Shanks?