VIDEO: The Possession (2012)

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BONUS! Count Jackula and Horror Guru’s commentary:

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Jealousy abounds as Count Jackula (inspired by The Possession, starring Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Kyra Sedgwick) finds love in an unexpected and dangerous place. Can the Horror Guru break them up before it’s too late, or will Jackula’s wayward romance end their friendship for good?

UPDATED Feb. 1, 2013! In the bonus video, Count Jackula and Horror Guru provide commentary on their review of The Possession!

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  • Kids today!

    Rather fast review of this here…
    I did see it though, unfortunately. It was like most people I knew said: laughably bad. (The film, not your review of it.)

    • Indeed, the review’s fast and efficient. =) Hope you enjoyed it though! Thanks for the comment. 

  • Weirdly, my first thought is “God, splinters in your tongue would hurt like a motherfucker!”

    • You have no idea, man… :P 

    • Thecount

      I was thinking the same thing while performing the scene. 

  • Sofie Liv

    You guys, oh you guys, you seriously make me laugh, and this was two weeks in a row, that starting montage it was just hillarious! I know I said it before, but you two are very talented, probably also help you are two so you can bounch ideas from each other, you can definetely feel that in the finished product.

    oh, and the review was good to. Ones again, so good a job done. 

    • Thanks Sofie! Very happy to hear you’re enjoying it. =) 

  • Thomas Stockel

    Good stuff, guys. :)

  • Torgeaux

    Isn’t that Count Xegiouses Apartment?

  • Liam Barrett

    I saw this film recently, and I agree with your assessment- it’s a GOOD film, but the rating holds it back. Like Josh I don’t immediately think a lower-rated Horror movie will instantly fail, but it’s better if you work on something with that rating in MIND. This felt to me like it was supposed to be harder edged, but got dulled down during production.

    But still, good movie. And good review, too. This show is quickly coming into its own.

    • Thank you good sir.  Here’s hoping the show continues to do so. =) 

  • Sadly Taco and I had to break up after I ate her…so depressing.

    • Sofie Liv

       that’ll teach you, she’ll never be truly faithful, not like my boy-friend meatball!

    • Just remember, there’s plenty of Tacos on the plate my friend. =) 

  • Oh, I’m going to like this show!

  • $36060516

    The commentary really gives a good idea of the fun you have doing these despite all the hard work. Thanks for the look behind the scenes.