RAW FEED: Animated Heroine Vlog: The Nut Job (2014)

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This video is no longer available due to the shutdown of Blip.tv.

Well…here’s the first animated film of 2014…

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  • Muthsarah

    Happy to see you back, AH. Got your big list almost done?

    As regards this movie, being so mediocre an’ all, how would you rank your general opinions of “bad” movies: Is something servicable and unoriginal like this (sounds like it is) preferable to an interesting failure? Or even a jaw-dropping disaster? I was kinda hoping this movie would be the latter.

    • TheAnimatedHeroine

      I didn’t find it particularly painful to watch…but I guess it would depend on how bad the movie is. If it’s so bad that it’s funny then I would prefer the bad movie, but if it’s so bad that it just isn’t fun to watch at all, then I’d rather have the film that just didn’t make an impression on me.

  • $36060516

    I’ve made a couple of little jokes about it, but actually think it’s pretty charming that you always seem to have a beverage in your hand when you make a video. Keep your film critic faculties well-hydrated!

    • TheAnimatedHeroine

      Well, to be fair I almost never don’t have coffee close at hand even when I’m not doing reviews. Hell, in highschool I ran track and the first thing I did after finishing all of my races was buy coffee and popcorn…to the point where it kind of became a joke among my fellow runners and their parents.