The Number 23 (2007) (part 3 of 4)

Caption contributed by Albert Back in reality, Carrey is still going mental. He finds deep relevance in the fact that Brainy Poindexter is wearing a pink tie. Because PINK equals 23. Yeah, just like RED. Go figure.

Caption contributed by Albert Jim starts to believe Poindexter is making the moves on his wife, because… Well, because the characters they “play” in the novel are also making time. Perfectly logical, right?

Caption contributed by Albert Dream sequence time! To cover up the fact that nothing happens in the middle of this movie, Carrey has a nightmare where he kills Madsen in her sleep. But of course, she’s fine.
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Caption contributed by Albert This prompts Jim to go to a seedy hotel. And it’s never explained why he picked this hotel. He just… knew to go there. And I’m sure the fact that the O and the T are burnt out has some deep symbolic meaning, but I don’t care.

Caption contributed by Albert Gee, can you guess which room he asks for? I’m suddenly gripped by the desire to punch the screenwriter in the face 23 times.

Caption contributed by Albert And once he gets inside this seedy hotel room in the middle of the night, he proceeds to… read some more. Oh yeah, baby, he is totally going to read that book hard, all night long.

Caption contributed by Albert In the book, Fingerling kills Febreeze in a rit of fealous jage. And that’s the end of the book. It’s nothing but blank pages after that.

Caption contributed by Albert And then Jim looks out the motel window and spies… the bulldog who bit him in the opening scene. Apparently, the dog is stalking Jim Carrey. Damn paparazzi dogs!

Caption contributed by Albert Jim tracks the dog down and shoots him in the butt with a tranquilizer dart. Meaning, when he ran out of his house and checked into a seedy motel in the middle of the night, he made sure to take a tranquilizer gun with him. He thinks of everything, doesn’t he?

Caption contributed by Albert He looks at the dog’s name tag, which says NED, and realizes that, yep, NED equals 23. Or maybe the dog was originally named TED so someone could kick it every day.

Caption contributed by Albert The dog has once again led Jim to the same tombstone. A close-up reveals it belongs to someone named Laura Tollins, who… sigh… died on her 23rd birthday. Okay, this is really getting tiresome.

Caption contributed by Albert Carrey researches Laura Tollins, and discovers the Number 23 novel describes exactly how she was murdered. Carrey figures that the book was secretly written by the guy who killed her.

Caption contributed by Albert And so, he and the wife take a little road trip to go visit Laura’s killer, in the state penitentiary. Yes, he’s that obsessed with the whole 23 thing that he’s going to spend his down time hanging out with a convicted murderer.

Caption contributed by Albert Carrey meets the guy, Kyle, who tells a not too interesting story about what life is like in prison. But he insists he didn’t kill Laura.

Caption contributed by Albert And he’s the one who finally—finally—points out that “Topsy Kretts” is a barely-coded homophone of “Top Secrets”. Yes, Jim was so obsessed with this novel, and reading it night and day, and living it and dreaming about it, that he didn’t notice the dumb pun in the author’s pen name.

“Topsy Kretts”. Does he by any chance hang out with Miss Cheevus, or Warren Peace?

Caption contributed by Albert But Jim is becoming something of a detective himself, and he’s worked out that Kyle’s name doesn’t add up to 23. Therefore, he can’t possibly be the real killer. Brilliant! Quick, somebody figure out what O.J. Simpson‘s name adds up to!

Caption contributed by Albert But the trail has not gone completely cold. Jim’s son, Completely Superfluous Character, decides to read the book. When he gets to the end, he discovers that there’s more to it, it’s just that two of the pages are stuck together.

Ew. Just what was he doing with the book, anyway? Isn’t this a novel where his parents are banging on the floor? Double ew.

Caption contributed by Albert The unstuck pages reveal that “Topsy Kretts” has a PO box. So, to sniff the guy out, they head on down to the post office, and ship him a large box of foam peanuts. No… make that 23 boxes of nothing but foam peanuts. Brilliant times 2! And the best part is how the postal employee doesn’t find this the slightest bit unusual.

Caption contributed by Albert The owner of the PO box turns out to be some old dude, who doesn’t respond well to being confronted. In fact, the guy is so freaked out that he… slits his own throat with a box cutter? Dude is hardcore.

Caption contributed by Albert Madsen gets ahold of the dead guy’s ID card, which shows he worked as a doctor at a mental hospital. For no earthly reason, she decides to go off and do some detecting on her own.

Caption contributed by Albert Meanwhile, since he has nothing else to do in this movie, Jim starts circling every 23rd word of every 23rd page of the novel. I knew it! Topsy Kretts is really Michael Drosnin!

Caption contributed by Albert Meanwhile, Madsen goes to the mental hospital, which is now abandoned. Yup, a middle aged suburban mom proceeds to walk around an abandoned mental hospital all by herself in the middle of the night. Eventually, she gets attacked by a werewolf. Moving on.

Caption contributed by Albert So, the message in every 23rd word of the novel tells Jim to go to a specific spot and start digging. Sure enough, he and his son find buried bones.

Caption contributed by Albert Jim immediately runs to a call box to phone the police. Wait, what? A call box? Why wouldn’t he have a cell phone? Why wouldn’t his son have a cell phone? Oh right, it’s so that when the cops eventually show up, they won’t find any bones, because someone went behind Jim’s back and moved the remains.

Caption contributed by Albert Then Jim starts noticing things about his wife. First, he notes that her fingers are all dirty, almost like she was… digging. In the dirt. Hey, she was making you a nice dirt cake for your birthday, and you ruined the surprise!

Caption contributed by Albert He also finds a knife in her purse. This can only mean that… Virginia Madsen is really the killer!

Caption contributed by Albert Actually, no. That twist would be too stupid even for this movie. It’s actually just another red herring. Virginia proceeds to reveal this film’s actual shocking twist. Can you handle the truth?

Caption contributed by Albert “The Number 23… is people!” No, wait, that’s not it…

Multi-Part Article: The Number 23 (2007)

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