The new Agony Booth – OPEN THREAD: Comments, feedback, suggestions

Leave your comments here about the new Agony Booth redesign.

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  • Spam!

    I have a super minor quibble… in the raw feed it doesn’t seem to say who has uploaded the videos now. Granted, it’s usually kind of obvious, but it’s still nice to be able to see that info so you can easily click on the contributors you like.

  • Kerrie Mills

    I like the idea of simplifying the layout, but it feels like it’s still being cluttered up with too many repetitions of the same info (esp. now that the recaps are multi-part). Is it really necessary to pitch the latest articles across the top, at the side *and* in the centre?

  • neidhart

    Why does it need such a huge left sidebar? Wasted space. The articles look claustrophobic squashed into such a narrow width. There needs to be an option to kill the sidebars.

  • Tania Rose

    The two huge sidebars made everything look cluttered and squished. A little more space would go a long way. Please consider this because with amendment it would be a nice, clean layout.

  • Tania Rose

    Exploring the site further, I really don’t like this new layout at all. It seems jumbled and unprofessional even though it’s clear you were going for the exact opposite. I try to embrace change but in this case I weep for the tragic demise of the old version of the site and don’t think I will be coming here as much anymore.

  • Sven (Not Olly)

    It seems to actually be getting more cluttered, confused and redundant. I don’t know if it works on a phone but I’m not digging it on my laptop. Sorry, hate to be a downer… Could there be an option to just use the old site?

  • Vikki

    I like it, but someone really needs to go through the videos and delete the ones that don’t work anymore, or re-host them somewhere else.