The NeverEnding Story II: The Next Chapter (1990) (part 4 of 4)

Meanwhile, the Crab Monsters have abducted Atreyu. So it’s good to know that after all that setup, his “Wham-Bos” were completely useless. The Monsters have chained Atreyu up inside the castle, and he’s hanging upside down above a bottomless pit.

Bastian finds him and reaches out to him, and the whole time he’s making terrified faces down into the bottomless pit. Just then, a Crab Monster shows up. It extends a buzzsaw, and begins to cut through Atreyu’s chain. So, why did they bother to chain him up in the first place, if they were just going to cut the chain 10 minutes later? Why didn’t they just throw him down the hole? And why couldn’t I have been there to see it?

Regardless, Bastian saves Atreyu in the nick of time.

Caption contributed by Albert

“Come on, Wendy, you can fly!”

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Multi-Part Article: The NeverEnding Story II: The Next Chapter (1990)
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  • Marvin_Arnold

    As for faithfulness, what’s from the second half of the book is about 20% of the characters and 10% of the story of the movie…

    EDIT, after reading the recap: Make that 5% of the story.

  • randersonctr

    Loved the review! Very funny. Too bad about the star committing suicide at only 27 (very sad).

  • Asura

    Oh please. You went through all this trouble to say it sucks? And added pictures and everything? Get an actual hobby. And by the way, congratulations on banging your mom!! Ha ha! Sometimes I really am too funny . . .