VIDEO: The Muppets (2011)

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BONUS! Sofie sings a Muppet Medley:

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It’s another Requested Review! This time, Sofie reviews The Muppets, the 2011 movie starring Jason Segel, Amy Adams… some kind of lizard-thing called Kermit, and several other weirdos.

And in the bonus video, due to overwhelming demand for more music in her videos, Sofie throws together a medley of some of her favorite Muppet movie tunes!

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  • So, I’ll go out on a limb and assume this was a good request? See, I know my reviewers! And I already decided on my next request: The Human Centipede 2! Haha, kidding.

    • Sofie Liv

       Nope! To late, Human Centipede 2 it is! i’ll just go get my lab-coat and my Doctor Insano goggles.

      • LindaMinda

        I want to see Mike do it. :D

        • MichaelANovelli

          I might be up for it, if the movie isn’t too boring…

          • Sofie Liv

             If you are not up for it, Cecil probably is <_<

  • $36060516

    I have to disagree with your statement that The Muppets was “all about just one thing:  being funny without trying to be smart or social commenting or anything like that.”  Humor was the primary goal, but humor usually requires intelligence, and they did comment on social issues with famous set pieces such as:

    As for the movie itself, I don’t plan to ever see it as to me the Muppets are simple pieces of cloth that were given life by the specific actors who spoke through them with their voices, gestures, and personalities.  Those actors have died or retired and for me the Muppets are over.  Disney bought the rights to have new people wave those pieces of cloth around, but the cloth wasn’t the point to me, it was the humor and love of Jim Henson and Frank Oz and Jerry Juhl and co. coming through those pieces of cloth that made them worth watching.  Not that I’m attempting to criticize you or any of the vast majority of people who feel differently!  It just doesn’t make sense to me to be interested as I always feel like art is an expression of the specific person who made it.

    • Sofie Liv

       Just saying.. you are missing out.

      Yeah, I agree, “Art” is indeed an expression of the person whom made it, I fully conqour to that, how-ever, you can be deeply inspired by the people who came before you, and keep some-thing you love alive by making your own version of it. Which is what happened here, also what happened with “Doctor Who.” “Sherlock.” “the teenage mutant ninja turtles.” “Batman.” and tons and tons of other stuff which I personally enjoy, and also enjoy newer adaptations of even though the original creators are long gone, the new ones are clearly inspired from them.

      And I never saw a reason to deprive myself out of some-thing great because of personal pride. Okay ones, I stopped watching the Potter movies out of pride, because I never found them as good as the movies, but eventually realised how dumb that was of me, and saw the last two movies in cinema at their premiers, as I did put it back then when the last movie came out. “This, is the very last time, ever, that any-thing new will come out about this thing, which has meant so much to me, why would I deprive myself the chance of going out there and exsperience it one last time?”

      And yeah, of cause they could from time to time be socially commenting, just take Sams the Eagles whole speech about indecency on television, which was hillarious! that often happens with humour, but I don’t believe that it was ever about that from the get go, it was never.
       “Dude! we are making this to make a point dude, down with the system!” which to me feels like what South Park and the Simpsons is trying to do all the time, which is sort of straining, this way more felt like. “Haha, how funny, lets put that in, haha.” which leaves a much lighter atmopshere.

      • Yeah, a lot of the jokes were deep ones that were intended to appeal to adults without sacrificing the general wacky fun.
        I mean Dr.Teeth and The Electric Mayhem were a reference to acid rock bands of the time, Sam was a political winking nod to conservatives being outraged at society changing and then of course parodies of stuff like Pigs In Space etc.
        Those jokes are a little dated now, but the characters were so good it doesn’t matter.
        (well actually Sam isn’t dated at all if you know Fox News and the like).

        But no, as you say there’s no deliberate political messages here, just some good natured satire.

        I think that’s a big part of it’s appeal; being able to enjoyed on multiple levels no matter your age.
        Kids and parents LIKED watching it together, whereas normally kids TV is really something adults don’t like having to watch.

        • Sofie Liv

           Yeah, it’s pretty much the  same sweet spot as My little pony friend-ship is magic happened to hit.

          AND THERE IS SAID IT! I believe a great deal of the appeal about MLPFiM comes from the exact same source, what I called “No Snarky humour.” in my MLP video I made a good while ago. And what I meant with that, no one tries to be a snark which I feel like a lot of other humour is based around, a snark can be a lot of fun, that’s almost all Stand-up comedians, but dangit it feels nice to just being able to unload without having to feel smart some-times. 
          It’s a fun show without having deliberate political messages in there or making you feel like you should be smart as the shows creators or what-ever to be good enough for the show.

          And dude, living in a world where we for some reason a required to have an opinon about every-thing and sound smart about every-thing, being able to just sit down with a fun un-prententious show and laugh simply because the characters are fun and likeable while doing goofy stuff, what a relief to be able to do.

          All-though I clearly disagree about adults not like Kids TV since.. I am an adult.. mostly.. and I stated in my recent TMNT that I never actualy stopped watching saturday morning cartoons, and that’s the truth, I never even had a few years where I was to proud to watch them and then later returned, nope, I simply never stopped watching, hehe. I still conqour that Phineas and Ferb is the funniest show on current televisions, and also hits the same sweet-spot.
          At least it is to me X)

          • Oh, yeah it’s changed now a lot I think. Growing up watching things like He-Man, GI Joe, Transformers etc was like trying to get my dad to go to the dentist.
            Then those shows back then were glorified toy commercials, and I just didn’t see it.

            And yeah, there is something that’s refreshing about a show/movie where no one is the butt of a joke or it’s cruel.
            That was what was great about Henson, a smart idealistic guy who really had the most amazing fantastic ideas and knew how to maintain a sense of wonder without being cynical.

            You probably missed it, but when it came out here some right wing business channel loudmouth accused it of being left wing brainwashing because it tried to make the businessman into a villain.
            *pounds head on table*
            NO! That is NOT the message! Agggh!

          • Sofie Liv

             Yeah probably, cartoon shows has definetely risen in quality, and many of them tend to show-case writing that out-do many life-action series even films.

            A very optimistic yet realistic guy that Jim Henson, and fascinated by the amazing fantastic stuff, I conqour, sir, you are still missed.

            If I should title the movie any message it would be.
            “You can always embrace the worlds third greatest gift; laughter. And you should.” or “the muppets kicks ass.”
            But what-ever.
            All though admittedly that became more clear to me after having seen the un-cut version of Tex Richmans song, which did some-thing the finished product actually lacked… it explained his bloody motivation!

            I’ll give doubter thats, Tex Richman wants to destroy the muppets, okay.. why?
            And the movie never ever tells.. but it did! before the cut was made. Why did they cut it? I guess so the rap wouldn’t out-stay its welcome, but still.. this is pretty import character motivation guys, it would have made earlier scenes and jokes make sense and let later finishing lines also makes a whole lot more of god damn sense. “Because you can’t laugh!” … why?.. why is that line important in any way?

            For those whom don’t know, I am going to give you the character story cut out from the movie, in the song which was cut, Tex Richsman explain he was born with the disability of not being able to laugh, simply, he could not laugh.
            In an attempt to try and make him laugh any-way, his parents invited the muppets to his childrens birthday party, and the muppets made every-body laugh, except him as he refused, because he didn’t laugh all the children started laughing at him, and even the next day pointed fingers at him because he didn’t laugh, after having been humiliated for years, and not even being able to laugh at it, Richman concludes it all began at that Birthday party, and people shouldn’t be allowed to laugh, there-fore he wants to destroy the muppets.

            CHARACTER MOTIVATION! HURRAH! yeah, Cartoonish character motivation, but I think that was the point, and in either case fits the tone of the movie perfectly, also gives his. “Meniacly laugh.” line a new better meaning doesn’t it?

            Even made the last credits resolution make a little more sense. Richman was hit with in the head with the bowling ball, and the blow gained him the ability to laugh, because he could laugh he realised what a good thing it is and handed the muppets theatre back.. huh.. actually showing that on screen could have been a genuinely touching moment.. I can see it for me now. “I’m laughing.. look at me i’m laughing! And it.. it feels amazing! I never knew!” .. huh. could have worked.

          • You have to remember that people that said that had never actually seen the movie.

          • mssinykin

            It’s interesting to note that in the1986 anniversary TV special called “The Muppets: A Cebration of 30 Years,” Kermit suprisingly says that his favoriate Muppet moments were the ones were they weren’t trying. You can see the whole special on this Sofie.
            Hope you enjoy. I’d love to hear your thoughts on it.

          • mssinykin

            Opps! I left out the most important part of that message. Kermit tells us that his favoriate Muppet moments were when they weren’t trying “to be funny.” Sorry about that. It’s happens in the part fourth video of the special mentioned about if you want to cut right too it Sofie. I’m sure you’d enjoy both specials on the site I posted, but I’m esspecially interested in what you’d make of that part.

          • Sofie Liv

             Thank you, I loved that entire special, can’t believe I’ve missed it, since i’ve seen pretty much all this old muppets stuff, the muppets family christmas special is for one thing… just about the bloody best christmas special ever created.

    • mssinykin

      The Muppets were never just cloth. They would
      start out that way, but giving each one a working idenity is a delicate process
      invoving experiments with design, movement, vocals, and scripting. The most
      important and usual the most memerable of characters often changed in
      appearance or behavoir after the early introductions and sometimes that also
      meant trying out different actors for the role. It’s true the most of the
      recastings for Muppet happened because one of the regulars either died or
      retired, but some others were recast early on as they struggled to find someone
      who best fit the roles. So really, recasting for these characters as the orginal actors pass away or retire shouldn’t be that much different than having a differect actor on film playing James Bond or Batman. We may always rate the orginator the highest, but that doesn’t mean new people can’t effectivly take on those iconic roles if they really understand the character. 

      • $36060516

        I actually feel the same way about James Bond and Batman that I do about The Muppets.  They are all worn out corporate trademarks that the last bit of life has been wrung from that their corporate owners are trying various desperate stunts with to get us to pay to see one more time.  I prefer creative work that is the honest expression of someone’s desire to communicate something about life based on his or her own observations, rather than stuff that someone is doing for a paycheck because a media conglomerate with a lot of money paid a creative person who needs money to try to breathe life into a piece of second-hand property created by dead guys.

        • Sofie Liv

          Then you should like this movie, it’s painfully obvious that its an honest expression of Jasons Segells desire to communciate about his life and tell about some-thing he holds very dear, and his observations of why this thing is so great and why we should embrace it.. I mean seriously, it’s so obvious so often in the movie.

          But here, let me ask you a question. When you think “The original Batman I care about.”
          What Batman are you talking about here? Tim Burtons Batman movie? or are you like me who grew up with the 90’s Batman Tas show?
          Maybe you are even older and are thinking about the Adam West Batman show.. or you are a comic geek thinking about Frank Millers Bat comics from the 90’s.
          But.. are you, honestly.. sincerely.. talking about the original fourtish Bob Kane comic book? Are you really?

          If you aren’t, then what-ever you are thinking about is a re-make and interpretation of that comic book, or a re-make and interpretation of another re-make and interpretation based on that comic book.

          Yes, it often happens that things are made only for brand recognition and that sucks, especially when you get medi-ocre movie folks whom doesn’t care to do it, that’s a recipe on a suck movie.
          But some-times, like in this one, people working on the thing deeply cared, and you can sense that a lot, not only did they care, they are really good at their job, so it’s a good movie.

          And you know, I want to share the muppet show with my little three year old nevou, but I can’t sit him down to watch the seventies show, he wont get that show, it’s out-dated (I still love the show and can watch it endlessly, but I am me.)
          But I can show him this new movie, and he loved it, we’ve seen it several times together now as I was baby-sitting.

          I want to share and keep the stuff I love alive, I don’t want it to just die and vanish, and I don’t believe in depriving myself out of good things because of pride.

          Seriously, when you’ve been in this movie game for a while, your perspective does alter.. but.. well just give it a couple of years, you’ll see what I mean.

      • Sofie Liv


        Also, these a characters just so damn strong that it’s been a long time since they just leaped off the screen, the audience have a real sense of knowing these puppets, as characters, we know what each of them are like, how they behave and don’t behave, every-body would realise it if a muppets acts out of character and it would feel weird.. and in this movie.. yeah, every muppet is his or hers all self, with or without original muppets performer to guide them.

  • The Muppets were a sporadic thing for me. I only recall seeing a few of the movies such as Treasure Island and A Muppets Christmas Carol and bits of the show. Even with that, I saw this movie and really liked it. Charming I think is the best word to describe all of it’s characters and resolution. Yeah I’ve missed out on a lot but I was still able to open up to it and enjoy it for what it was.

    Also can’t fault you for showing off what piano skills you’ve learned so far. Maybe next time you could do a bit of Let It Be or Always Look on the Bright Side of Life for old times sake (If you conside a fortnight ago to be old times sake). :)

    • Sofie Liv

      It’s still there, people can go check out the old muppet DVD’s.. if you are in for some harmless genuine fun, it’s just about checking it out. But even so, yep, this film is just a happy movie, so every-body can watch it, and that’s good. 

      Well.. poeple genuinly asked about the Piano, so I merely complied, and yeah.. who knows.. it’s definetely a skill in progress, we’ll see.

      • Muthsarah

        I don’t recall hearing your singing voice before.  It sounded lovely, but I could barely hear it over the piano.  Do you have a mic you can sing directly into?

        Also, because rankings are awesome, in what order would you rank the Muppet movies?

        • Sofie Liv

          You might wanna check out this Spiderman review, there’s a running gag about how I just wont shut up with the singing <_<  

          I borrowed the piano at my school, I don't have a piano myself, only an electrical key-board, which is okay for practise but honestly.. sound like shit.. I'll hope to record some-thing better another day. Hopefully one of my performances.

          Rank the muppet movies? …. urh.. I really can't. They are all sort of different movies, but, sigh, I cannot deny.

          "A muppets christmas carol." is the thing that introduced me to the muppets when I was a kid, I had it on recorded VHS and my christmas is never ever complete without me seeing it with my little-sister, never ever, I love that movie so much, and it was first when I was like thirteen I suddenly realised. "Whaaa??? there's an entire show with these puppets? it's not just two stand-alone movies? cool!"
          The other movie I talk about here, is of cause, "Muppets treasure island." which I didn't own when I was a kid because it was a rare VHS, but it was on the institution my mom worked on and I borrowed it all the time. So well, those are the two movies I watched the most and remember the most fondly.
          I guess I like "A muppets christmas carol" a little bit more because I always felt it just spoke to me on a sheer emotional level ever time I see it, and it's just my favourite version of that story, which is a story I also like just as it is and have seen several versions of.

    • I think a lot of why the characters lost appeal was that the movies shifted away from well written stories like Muppet Movie, Great Muppet Caper and Muppets Take Manhattan and more towards just remaking classics just with Muppets in them.

  • Joseph Tedesco

    I may be in the minority who didn’t like this movie… I know, right?! It just felt like a loud tribute to the Muppets without the substance, if that makes sense. I liked when it made references to itself, but it still felt lacking. It was like “Rocky Balboa,” but with the Muppets!

    There are some good things in it and there was a lot of heart put into making it, I just couldn’t get behind it. If it gets more people to check out the older show and movies, then more power to it. I don’t see myself seeing this movie as much as “The Muppets Christmas Carol,” which has been a holiday tradition for years!

    Also… more screentime to the F–king shrimp than Rizzo the rat… fail!

    • Well, that was the point of it, it IS a tribute film, the trailers left it more than clear so you would’ve known the kind of movie it was gonna be.

      • Joseph Tedesco

        See… that’s the thing. There are movies that play homage and act as tribute that can work well on it’s own. “Tangled” is an example, which is a send up to virtually every disney princess movie; right down to having Glen Keane work on the designs (supposed to be the director, and a whole OTHER movie but that’s a story for another day). I imagine somebody who hasn’t seen a disney princess movie would enjoy it likewise.

        Just like Rocky Balboa, you would have to have gotten accustomed to the franchise in order to really like the movie. The strange thing is that I like the Muppets for years, and still didn’t think it reached the level the previous movies.

        • Sofie Liv

           Well.. people whom aren’t familiar with the muppets at all, saw the movie and really enjoyed it.. which is a lot of people… would disagree with that.
          I personally used this movie to introduce several of my friends, whom was not into it, to the muppets. And it worked! immediatly after they were all for watching clips and pieces of the old show.

          But the most important thing this movie did I believe, is proving that the muppets are still kicking and can still do their thing, meaning.. more muppets thing. It’s again one of those cases of.

          “If this movie hadn’t happened, the muppets would have slowly died, because of this movie, they will life another decade.”

          I just.. how can I ever dislike the movie when that’s the reality of things. plus I like it as its own thing.

        • Personally my 10 year old niece who I saw it with and never saw any Muppet anything loved it and got her into the Muppets (so much so that I bought her a custom Muppet toy from FAO Schwartz for Christmas).
          So while I think it’s Segel’s love ode to how he liked the Muppets growing up, it still works as a movie.

    • Sofie Liv

       I admit, Pepe is a character I never liked they just kept on using, apparently he was the most popular thing on “muppets tonight.” and the thing surviving they keep on using, and I don’t know why, don’t ask me.
      But there weren’t room for every-one, I could complain that there is no Robin the frog in the thing, and yet they made room for Boregard the janitor whom only appeared in the last two seasons of the muppets show and then never again.. if he appeared, shouldn’t lips then? the trumpetist of the mayhem band whom was there for as long as he was??? simply.. there are far to many muppets to fit them all in, and that is that.

      But yeah, it is a big tribute to the muppets, and it never attempts being any-thing else. And honestly… at this point, I wouldn’t like it any other way. This was a come-back movie, to show they still got it, and was intended to start some-thing off, so they could make more, and in that regard IT WORKED! Disney is working on the next muppets movie as we speak, what that one is going to be like, I dunno.

      Muppets Christmas Carol is a movie I have watched every single december together with my sister ever since I was little, of cause this movie cannot replace that, but.. neither can I take it away from it that just putting it on instantly puts me in a good mood, how many films can I say that about? .. between five and ten I guess.. but considering how many films I watch, that’s not a lot.
      But I also think it’s doing a pretty good job re-introducing a new audience to the muppets, the movie is just so damn happy that it become infectious and children loves it, also the children whom has never heard of a muppet before, the movie is just that happy company to be around.

  • Joseph Tedesco

    I guess… again, more power to it making the muppets reach a wider audience. That’s the beauty of Disney, making the properties they buy matter again (sorry if that sounded more cynical than I intended to write it as… :P). It just didn’t work for me as a movie on it’s own. I like how you mentioned that it was so over the top happy that it’s impossible to not like it… that’s actually what I couldn’t stand about it. The thing about the muppets that works is that even the dirtiest, cruddiest monsters and rats have personality. Like there’s something so likable about even the sleaziest characters, but I couldn’t see that here… even though there were characters like “The Moopets” (was that what they were called?) that fit that bill.

    • Sofie Liv

      Yeah, the Moopets.

      It worked perfectly fine for me as a movie on its own, I kept hearing about how amazing that movie was HALF A YEAR BEFORE THE DVD FINALLY CAME TO DENMARK! … sorry..
      so my exspectations at that point was just through the roof… and I felt my exspectations were not only met, but exceeded, I got teary eyed watching it on DVD and seeing… more than just one scene.. god the pictures.. god the old rusty theatre.. god the rainbow connection ensemble song.. snif..

      Also not to forget the two last movies we had with these darlings were “muppets in space.” and fucking “Muppets wizard of Oz.” which is the first movie I ever reviewed for this show! yeah, that’s right, the first one, you can go back and check my blip account, it’s a horrible video where I am blatantly ripping off the NC both in style and wording.. but, I loath that movie. I really do. Mostly because THAT movie should have been glorius, Muppets wizard of Oz, that SHOULD have been amazing, Jim Hensons favourite movie, the Wizard of Oz, which the muppets clearly drew a lot from, hallo. “Rainbow connection.” clearly inspired from. “Some-where over the rainbow.”.. it’s a dumb movie. If people really insist on re-makes, that would be it, I would love to see that be done right!

    • Does Disney still do this though? When was the last Donald Duck or Mickey Mouse anything? Especially a theatrical movie.

      • Sofie Liv

         He did say the proberties they buy, meaning Marvel, The muppets and Lucas art.

        Not the proberties they actually created.. all though they did make a new Tron movie.

        But yeah, Mickey and Friends, Darkwing Duck.. stuff like that, they are pretty much left to rot these days, which is a shame. I still say they should make the Detective Mickey cartoon show! that would be a great way to breath some new life into him and making him a working character again instead of just a parody of a happy face exisiting to cover up an evil money crapping coorporation, which is what he has become at this point.

        • Oh right. Yeah, and they have especially with Marvel seeing as they only had the less well known characters like Thor and Iron Man and made that into the Avengers.

          I don’t really get why they’ve really left Mickey, Donald and the like as just theme park characters.
          I mean they’re timeless and with the right writing (like what they did with Ducktales) they could reach a new generation.
          I guess the argument would be that Warner Brothers tried this with Looney Tunes: Back In Action, and it bombed.

          • Sofie Liv

            Well, Disney made a few direct to DVD things, such as “Mickey in the three musketeers.” and the show “House of Mouse.” isn’t that old.. but yeah.

            I still just want that detective mickey show, and this probably needs a bit of an explanation.
            I didn’t grow up with mickey and donald quite the same way you did, I saw all the shorts, oh boy, every friday evening, there were two shorts as a part of the disney hour, I saw them all.
            But! a far larger source for me where I got most of my disney characters were from a weekly comic book magazin still running today, simply called. “Donald Duck.” which every week features small short comics, most of them starring Donald duck, but also regularly other characters such as Scrooge McDuck, Ludwig Von Drake, Goofy, Gyro Gearloose ext, and of cause, Mickey Mouse!

            How-ever, in his stories, Mickey was actually mostly a detectives type and his stories revolved around him doing detectives work, still do, he have his entire own persons galleries in these.
            Mickey of cause is the main detective, Goofy is his best friend and side-kick, Pluto is a detective dog, they work closey with the police inspector O’Hara and Detective Casey (A fat dog whom’s always smoking a cigar, gangsta style.)
            And the enemies gallery is of cause also quite large, Pete here being a gang leader and thief, not to forget that the villain “The Phantom Blot.” is originally from there and is considered Mickeys greatest enemy as he plan large ellaborate schemes in his quest for world dommination, and often quite intelligent sleeshy schemes at that… so why isn’t there a cartoon show based around this? I would really want to watch that.

          • Sounds good. Kind of like Great Mouse Detective with Mickey. I’d watch that. 

          • Sofie Liv

             With a little bit of ingenuity I think it could be great, there’s like fourty years worth of story material to pick from here.

            And beside.. they all-ready pulled this one off ones before, taking comic stories from these very magazine and turned them into a cartoon show.. It is called. “Duck tales.”

            And you know what, if they did a Detective Mickey show like that, that would totally be an window to bring duck-tales back as well! the two shows could make a cross-over.. hell, it could make a cross over with Darkwing Duck! to test if people is still interested in the figure, it would be amazing.

            The three towns. DuckBurg, Mousington and Saint Canard clashing, that would be lovely…. keep on dreaming Sofie.. I know.. ):

          • Then is the Detective Mickey stories uniquely Danish comic?  A google search really doesn’t turn up very much info on it.

          • Sofie Liv

            Here’s a page in English for you to check out, from an early comic, I believe its the first appearance of the Phantom Blot, which is why he isn’t so mad sciency illusive cannot be captured like yet. Also Mickey himself has gone through changes in these, here he looks like his traditionel self, but the stories I grew up with he was usually wearing trouses, a white shirt and a little detectives fedora hat.

            It’s very much a european thing, but not exclusively Danish, Germany and Finland are also very happy about these Donald Duck magazines, don’t know exactly how big it is there, only that it’s absolutelu HUGE here in Denmark, there’s so many Donald Duck comic books all around the place, people are litterately giving them away, (to be fair, keep in mind they have been running weekly since 1953, seriously, plus all the bigger collected books of short comics, a new book comes out ones every month in fact, also with original shorts in it.) and well, the lovely thing is that every-body can read them, no swet. That’s what we have laying around in our doctors waiting rooms :3

      • Joseph Tedesco

        Epic Mickey seems to be doing pretty well :)

        • The_Stig

          And let’s not forget the crossover awesomeness that is Kingdom Hearts.

          • Sofie Liv

            Ah.. kingdom hearts.. I and II the only two console games I’ve actually ever finished..

            true story… 

      • Dennis_Fischer

        Have you forgotten the Mickey and Donald THREE MUSKETEERS so quickly then (one of the last to be done in traditional cell animation)?

  • Joseph Tedesco

    hmmm… seems like my response didn’t actually respond to the post.

  • The_Stig

    There are two kinds of people in this world. People who love the Muppets and people without souls.

    • Sofie Liv

       Also those whom simply did not grow up with them like.. people in Vietnam?

      • The_Stig

        I suppose I walked into that. 

        Am I man or muppet? SERIOUSLY, I DON’T KNOW!!! 

        We need a new Muppet Show on television. It’s been far too long without the most sensational, inspirational, celebrational, muppetational show ever.

        • Sofie Liv

           Perosnally I thought I was a muppet of a woman.. but what-ever.

          And well, I guess we just have to wait and see about that.. here’s for crossing fingers, mostly though, I hope the next movie will be great AND have freaking distribution in Danish cinema! that would be great.

          I looked so much forward to for the first time ever, in history, being able to exsperience a muppets movie in cinema.. but nope, sorry, no distribution in Denmark, just ARGH!
          Oh… also if they would be kind enough to distribute it without dubbing but just subbing, that would be lovely to.

          • The_Stig

            You’d be a very womanly muppet. And dammit, they just HAD to sing Rainbow Connection in this thing, didn’t they? That song gets me every single time.

            By the way, they’re filming a sequel. Like, right now, as we speak.

          • I’m a little nervous about the sequel.  Jason Segel has gone on the record saying he has nothing to do with it.  I think Jason Segel’s personal love for the Muppets was vital for this movie’s success.  I hope the new director shares that love.

            Or we might end up with another Muppets in Space or Muppets Wizard of Oz.

          • Sofie Liv

            You know what, I wouldn’t be to worried, all muppets have been out of the game for a while, which may have been healthy for them because it gave them time to re-discover what made them so great in the first place.
            All new puppeteers are great muppets fans themselves, it’s going to be the same director as before, whom btw, wrote the last screen-play together with Jason Segell, and they have done a lot of stuff on their own which is really really good.

            Take this glorius bit of video for one thing

            Watch that, and tell me if there isn’t any hope yet. of cause there is always a risk of it going to suck, but I am going to stay optimistic on this one!

  • TheScottCSmith

    This movie was a very pleasant surprise; when I went to see it, I knew nothing about the plot and wasn’t really expecting it to be as enjoyable as it was.  A great movie for kids and adults.

    • Sofie Liv

       yeah :)

  • Bob_in_Baltimore

    Sofie, just wanted to thank you for posting this.  I had a really lousy day at work, but after watching this video, the world suddenly seems about 90% less crappy.  I actually can remember the Muppets from their original TV run in the late ’70s (yes I’m old) and have seen the original Muppet Movie, but haven’t really paid attention to them since then.  Guess I need to add this to my Netflix queue…

    • Sofie Liv

       Thank you for a lovely comment, I myself has been through a rough path lady, so it’s comments like these that makes my day and makes it feel like there’s a point behind all of this, it makes me happy to recieve.

      And yeah, please do, it’s just an absolutely happy movie to be in the company with.

  • Dennis_Fischer

    Sofie, clean your camera lens.  It looks like you have vaseline smeared on the lower right quadrant, and you’re too young to need to hide wrinkles the old-fashioned Hollywood way.

    • Sofie Liv

      Heh, thank you.

      Yeah I noticed as I edited, I don’t know why the camera linse looks like that, could also be the light since I moved location. But don’t worry, it’s all-ready been cleaned so you can see my lovely face again.

      • The_Stig

        It might help to have the microphone closer too. You have such a good voice.

        • Sofie Liv

           Well… here’s the thing.. I don’t even have a microphone I can attach to the camera.. seriously.

          When I bought the new camera I deliberately bought the cheapest in the store because I fully intended to safe the money and buy a far better one. How-ever, all-though I managed to scrap together a small surplus of money each month, it’s not enough to a camera and microphone yet.
          I don’t earn a single thing on these videos, I don’t have nearly enough viewers for that, so that’s a no go.
          I would love to upgrade, but right now.. I just can’t.

          I would also really freaking love to move and get some space to actually film in, I would love to have the space for an actual sitting couch! but when I can’t even afford better camera and mic, I dunno how I am supposed to afford that either :/

          • The_Stig

            Then we should chip in and get you one, shouldn’t we? :-) How about it, guys? Should we get Sophie a microphone?

          • Sofie Liv

            Please don’t think about it. Here’s also another thing, it’s my birthday in less than a month, and then it’s christmas eight days after. Is should be able to scrape money together then.
            My first thing on my wishing list I handed out was. “Money for electrical piano and video equipment.”

            … hehe. I know you guys wouldn’t get much out of me owning an electrical piano. But I would! I am starting to get really sick of the cheap key-board I am practising on.. which is some-thing I got for free because another musician I know threw it out..
            And my exsternal hard-disk I got as a present because I filmed a schools musical show for them and cut it together to a nice gift for them so that was the schools thank-you gift.
            And my current computer and camera is only some-thing i could afford due to the donation drive we had back in summer time… which I am still finishing up on when it comes to the requests that came out of that donation drive (only three left folks.) wauw… I am a living incarnation of the stereotypical artist time that lifes of nothing in a small appartment.. I don’t know if that’s sad or cool.

  • Elizabeth Payne

    I liked that not only did this movie tried something new with the muppets but it also felt like watching the old muppet movies (simple story, nice songs, lots of cameos, happy times). I can tell that you really liked it because your review screamed “why are you watching this review? Go see the Muppets! and then come back”.

    p.s. have you ever seen the Jim Henson’s Muppet Babies cartoon? 

    • Sofie Liv

       Haha, thank you. And yeah, they did.

      I’ve seen some episodes of it after peopel kept shouting at me. “Have you seen this have you seen this???”
      But.. i never grew up with it, and first see it now, as a twenty-something year old.. for the first time.. esh.
      No, to late for me, I still enjoy saturday morning cartoons but this is not one of them, it’s just for smaller kids.
      I guess it’s fine for smaller kids, but unlike Fraggle rock that almost had a magic to it reaching a far wider audience.. no.. the muppet babies never came that far.

      • I actually grew up with the Muppet Babies cartoon, and even then, I didn’t really like it.  I usually only watched it if nothing else was on.  Yeah, I preferred ANYthing else.  It wasn’t until later when I saw the original Muppet Show, and I thought it was great!  

        I can’t imagine how I preferred one over the other.  Perhaps by that age, I like action / adventure over whimsy. ;)

      • For once Sofie, I completly disagree with you. Though this is an exercise on restraint on my part, since Muppet Babies was not only the show that first got me into the Muppets in the first place it is simply one of my favoriate kid show EVER! I not only saw ever single episode, I’ve done so much research the series could easily create turn it into my own series of video reviews! In fact, as luck would have it I’d just start the process of narrowing down my top 11 episodes a few days ago.
        I’ll admit the series was concieved as something for small children, but it lasted in the same Saturday Morning lineup for eight years which should tell you something. I had my don’t as to whither it would hold up when I began watching it again on youtube, but to my surpise I found it seems even better in hindsight. 
        On it had more than it’s share of problems to be sure and when you’ve in production that long some parts of bound to be better than others. Frankly I think the series didn’t really hit it stride untill about season 3 and did go seriously downhill in the last two years. However my main point is this: even from the begining it wasn’t all kids stuff. There were shout-outs and inside jokes both visual and verbal, many of which I didn’t even get untill I saw them again as an adult. There were break the fourth wall jokes and moments of absurdist humor. The innovative use of stock footage from everything as old as Gertie the Dinosaur to as recent as The Witchs gave the show a downright surreal quaility (though this is also way the series might never get a wide home video release). 
        I could go on for hours eleberating and specifing, but I won’t bore you here any more than already have. Bottomline, at it’s best Muppet Babies really belongs in my mind alone some of Jim Hensons best works.

        • I don’t how this lengthy post got repeated above, but if they knows how to delete that I’d appricate it.

  • I just remembered what I was going to ask xD

    I remember one of the trailers had a cameo of Denny Trejo in jail claiming he was a muppet, obviously it either didn’t make it to the film (the muppets never go to jail in the movie) or it was just promotional, if it’s the second then I’ll be sad D:, it would’ve been a funny scene, or is it somewhere on the DVD?

    • That was part of a deleted scene.  It’s on the special features.  It’s a pretty funny scene, but I can see why it was cut.  Pacing.

      • Sofie Liv

         Still don’t get why they cut the rap though.. I guess pacing, but again.. that was pretty important character motivation they cut there, and rendered a lot of other scenes and lines a lot more meaningless… hmm.. in either case it looked like a fun movie to make X)

        • Tex Richman’s, the Evil Oil Tycoon’s Rap?  In his office?  That was in the version I have.  Was it cut from the version you saw?

          • Sofie Liv

            A big chunk of it was.

            The part where he actually explains that he was born with the disability of not being able to laugh at all.
            How the muppets were at his birthday party when he was a kid and made all the other kids laugh but not him, and because he didn’t laugh the kids started laughing at him, and also did so the day after at school, and just continued laughing at him.
            Because of that he blamed the muppets and ended up just plainly hating laughter and wants to destroy it.

            Which is why uncles deats last sentence. “Cause you can’t laugh!” had a greater meaning here… and again.. why the hell did you cut that? that indeed is pretty important character motivation guys. Would have made Tex RichMans stand more out as a character and villain actually, it was a pretty good idea for a muppet villain, a man that just hates laughter because he can’t laugh himself and wants to destroy it, why did you remove that?

          • Oh, yeah.  I forgot that there was an extended rap.  I remember now.  Too bad we lost that. but yeah, like you said: Pacing.

          • Sofie Liv

             Still, difference here is that this cut scene is genuinely important to the plot and character motivations, plus as I said, render a lot of moments that before-hand had meaning, meaningless.

            That whole him not laughing but demanding. “Menically laugh.” of his hench-men, funny as it might be, it’s just some-thing tat seems to come out of no-where and is there for no reason.
            With the added background, those scenes has meaning.. so yeah.. bad choice.

  • For once Sofie, I completly disagree with you. Though this is an exercise on restraint on my part, since Muppet Babies was not only the show that first got me into the Muppets in the first place it is simply one of my favoriate kid show EVER! I not only saw ever single episode, I’ve done so much research the series could easily create turn it into my own series of video reviews! In fact, as luck would have it I’d just start the process of narrowing down my top 11 episodes a few days ago.I’ll admit the series was concieved as something for small children, but it lasted in the same Saturday Morning lineup for eight years which should tell you something. I had my don’t as to whither it would hold up when I began watching it again on youtube, but to my surpise I found it seems even better in hindsight. On it had more than it’s share of problems to be sure and when you’ve in production that long some parts of bound to be better than others. Frankly I think the series didn’t really hit it stride untill about season 3 and did go seriously downhill in the last two years. However my main point is this: even from the begining it wasn’t all kids stuff. There were shout-outs and inside jokes both visual and verbal, many of which I didn’t even get untill I saw them again as an adult. There were break the fourth wall jokes and moments of absurdist humor. The innovative use of stock footage from everything as old as Gertie the Dinosaur to as recent as The Witchs gave the show a downright surreal quaility (though this is also way the series might never get a wide home video release). I could go on for hours eleberating and specifing, but I won’t bore you here any more than already have. Bottomline, at it’s best Muppet Babies really belongs in my mind alone some of Jim Hensons best works.Edit

    • Sofie Liv

       Well, all I can give you is my describtion of my genuine reaction to it.
      I gave it the benefit of doubt, sat down to watch some of it, saw two or three episodes all the way through, a few clips on youtube which had some-thing to do with other stuff I liked.. then moved on and never looked back, never feeling the need nor want to.

      I do some-time think the best way to review some-thing is just your genuine respons to it, the physical actually happening respons.
      I’ve genuinly sat back and watched episodes from the 2012 TMNT show more than just ones, I wanted to, ergo, I cannot deny I like the show a lot.
      I at first gave “The Dark knight rises.” a positiv review, but now have to admit that I am never ever going to see it again unless some-body else makes me see it or I have to do it for review purposes, ergo.. it can’t have been that great.
      I am never going to see any-more muppets babies, unless some-one just sticks an episode up my face, ergo.. it just didn’t catch me. Does that make it a bad show? no! does it meant I missed the best of it? probably. Does it mean that it’s the best thing ever and I just don’t get… I don’t know.

      If you love it, sure, enjoy, i’m glad for you. perhaps it’s your nostalgia talking or maybe the show just is that great, I wouldn’t know.
      But, it just didn’t catch me at all, I don’t hate it, I don’t love it, I am just absolutely indifferent to it.

      • mssinykin

        I do understand what your saying your genuine response being important to a review, thought I’m not sure if it’s the method to best rely on. While I’ve often thought that an honest review is never total objective since art and entertainment should tap into your emotions, but sometimes that reaction (or lack there-of) you get while watching something can be misleading. 
        For example, when I first saw Broadway Danny Rose I really didn’t get in to it. I’d seen some of Woody Allan’s early high-laugh every other mintue comides from the seventies and I really didn’t see what he was going for with this one. Was it supposed to be a comedy, a drama, or something in between? What was the point of all really? Than started to read what some other people had writen about Broadway and realized I couldn’t even remember many aspects of the characters and plot they described.
        So a few months, I watched it over again and this time a really enjoyed it. It still wasn’t as funny as some of Allan’s earlier works and it was a little more melancholy, but I really got involved emotional this time because I could see what kind of humor he was going for now, I understood the story a little better, and generally felt with he was trying to get across. 
        Similar movie experiacnes for me were The Bank Dick, Notorious, and The Station Agent. Should you usually go with first impressions in a review? My general rule of thumb is, if you can’t quite explain what you happend over the stretch of time to someone who hadn’t seen it, chance are you don’t remember enough to properly review it.
        And yes some times you can also remember shows from your childhood as being BETTER than they were. I initially started watching Muppet Babies again only expecting the to be disapointed without the nostalgia filter own, but I wasn’t. In fact some of the pr

        • Sofie Liv

           Yeah, when I first saw “Fawlty towers.” as a little kid, I didn’t like it at all, thought it was a painful exsperience to watch.
          Now though, I think it’s one of the greatest comedies ever created, so it’s definetely a flawed logic in some ways.

          And well, maybe some-thing is great but just not my thing, Quinton Tarantino movies! I am sure those are all very great movies.. they just aren’t my thing there-for my personal enjoy factor around them aren’t that great.

          But I still cannot exclaim praise for Muppets babies based on what i’ve seen from it, I just can’t, because I don’t have a stronger reaction towards it, I don’t believe I am gonna and I believe in honesty.