VIDEO: The Matrix (1999)

Keanu Reeves is a hacker who learns he’s living inside a virtual reality simulation, and joins in a rebellion against his machine overlords in The Matrix, which gives the Suspect a total nerd-gasm. Watch as he shows his admiration for this kick-ass sci-fi action classic in his usual way: by ridiculing the shit out of it!

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  • The_Unusual_Suspect

    Hey guys, I just wanna apologize over the sound levels in this review, they tend to get really loud all of a sudden.

    • Russell Brin (Facebook sux)

      Audio levels are good to me, to be honest.  Also a good review.

  • I take it from the reference, that you’re a fan of TomSka? If so, awesome! I would have thought that the amount of sunglasses in this movie would have called for a Dubstep Sunglasses gag too but yeah, one reference is enough. :)

    I do rate you highly not just as a reviewer but a video maker as well. You easily put on a show as well as put across an opinion.

    • The_Unusual_Suspect

      Thanks man! And yeah, huge Tom Ska fan here. His asdfmovie videos are incredibly well paced and hilarious. I do tend to look at myself as less of a reviewer and more of an entertainer, but I’m trying to give a more in-depth review at the end of every video now.

  • “Everybody falls the first time…isn’t that right empty space? …Empty space?”

  • Dennis Fischer

    Kudos, Ross on another entertaining review.  I love your sense of humor (and editing), and unlike the CASINO ROYALE review (which I also enjoyed), this one didn’t freeze up every few minutes and demand extra time to load.  Keep up the fine work.

    For what it’s worth, when I was on the set of the Matrix down in Sydney, Australia, the only people who wouldn’t talk to me or my fellow journalists were Keanu and the Wachowskis.

  • Thomas Stockel

    That was a great review.  I love the first Matrix movie but you do point out a few plot holes I had never considered before.  Why not create any weapon you want?  If it exists in the real world, then couldn’t the replicate it?  Unless The Matrix somehow prevents weapons created after 1999 from existing somehow?  Hmmmmm.

    I really wish they had not made the sequels.  Like the Pirates of the Caribbean sequels, they simply do not match up to the original.

  • edharris1178

    Great review,  I had the misfortune to see the second one in the theater.  Still think I should have snuck into Identity.

    • Xeethra

      Being the chump that I am I saw the second and third ones as a paying attendee. I felt physically ill after the climax of the trilogy and retired to a nearby bar for sustenance. And much head-shaking.

  • Armageddon and matrix REvolutions are the worst films i have ever seen!!!

  • david f white

    When Switch Called Neo Coppertop I thought she meant neo had red hair!! IT took 13 years for me to realize coppertop was a Duracel Battery reference!!!