The Lord of the Rings (1978) (part 6 of 11)

Cut to Alvin tossing and turning in bed, muttering feverishly in the vein of “No! Never!” Gandalf is there, just creepily watching him. Alvin starts awake, and no surprise here, Gandalf immediately starts telling him off. And waving his hands around. And pacing. Damn, get this guy some Ritalin, will you? Meanwhile, Alvin has a very pained expression on his face, so maybe he’s really not as dumb as all that.

Anyway, it turns out he’s in the palace of some guy named Elrond (who we’ll meet in a minute). Elrond magically healed him, and Gandalf explains he “added a few touches of [his] own.” Oh, I bet he added some “touches”, alright.

Caption contributed by Jason

“Damn, these elves make great weed milkshakes!”

Gandalf tells the story of how he visited Aruman and was betrayed and trapped in a disco, and we get a flashback of that, and it’s all footage we’ve already seen. The only difference is now it’s all ripply like it’s being shot through water.

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Multi-Part Article: The Lord of the Rings (1978)

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