The Lord of the Rings (1978) (part 5 of 11)

Soon, we’re seeing Herman and the hobbits travel for a while, heading for Rivendell as Alvin originally planned. During this, Sam treats us to an unfunny one-liner which I won’t bore you by repeating. At one point, Alvin is able to look off in the distance and see the Black Cheerleaders following them [?]. So he snuggles up to Herman for comfort. Dammit, the guy’s not your daddy! Cut that out!

Next comes probably the most disturbing scene in the whole movie. Our Heroes are camped somewhere (Weathertop, I think, going by Jackson’s version), and Herman is telling them a very moving love story, and when he says the line “he was her love, but also her doom”, Sam puts his hand on Alvin’s chest [!] and they smile longingly into each other’s eyes [!!]. I’m not kidding here, guys.

Unfortunately, the tenderness is interrupted when the Black Cheerleaders show up and rudely spoil the moment. Hey, can’t you give them some alone time? I bet Sam was just about to come out to Alvin! Herman jumps up to investigate the noise of the approaching Cheerleaders, whereupon everyone suddenly changes into live, tinted actors with bad wigs. Aaaaand… they switch back again a few seconds later.

Caption contributed by Jason

As this shot demonstrates, the Shire is very progressive about gay rights.

Caption contributed by Jet

Our heroes go tinted as a defensive manoeuvre.

The Black Cheerleaders appear, and have mysteriously become both tinted and semi-transparent. I don’t remember hearing anything about that ability before. Alvin is tempted to put on the Tap Washer of Doom, so Herman yells at him not to do it, prompting Alvin to put it on anyway, purely out of spite. I guess he’s decided to finally rebel against authority for a change.

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Multi-Part Article: The Lord of the Rings (1978)

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