The Lord of the Rings (1978) (part 3 of 11)

We then cut to somewhere outside, because the two of them have apparently decided to go for a stroll and loudly inform the entire neighbourhood of their secret plans. They carry on about how the Dark Lord knows the name of Baggins (because they captured and interrogated Gollum at some point), and so Alvin must leave the Shire.

Gandalf says Alvin has to figure out what to do with the Tap Washer. Alvin immediately wants to give it to Gandalf, but Gandalf refuses it. This causes Alvin to pull a disgusted face at him. Well, okay, Gandalf is pretty disgusting, but I don’t think the filmmakers were aware of this.

Caption contributed by Jason

“See, my eyes can focus in two different directions at once! To hell with Rivendell, let’s hit Ripley’s Believe It Or Not!

Then the bushes start rustling, and Gandalf hauls out an eavesdropper. It turns out to be Sam Gamgee, Alvin’s pal and gardener. Although, the movie never actually informs you of who Sam is, or how he knows Alvin.

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Multi-Part Article: The Lord of the Rings (1978)

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