The Lord of the Rings (1978) (part 10 of 11)

Now it’s back to Alvin and Sam. They’ve made it to a mountainous area and are climbing down a rope. “Thank goodness for that rope the elves gave you!” Alvin exposits. Groan. Naturally, Sam falls down the last bit, because, you know, it’s funny. And even though they use the rope later on, we don’t actually see them retrieve it here. Continuity is for nerds! Sam points out Mount Doom in the distance, and asks Alvin if he sees it. Kinda hard to miss there, Sam.

They walk on for a bit, and we see Gollum is following them and muttering stupidly to himself about his “precious”, AKA the Tap Washer. Sam realises they’re being followed, but Alvin already knows this, and tells him not to look around. They duck around a corner and lie in wait to ambush Gollum, but Sam is too dumb to stick to the plan and keeps wandering out into the open. Talk about a liability. If I were Alvin, I’d tie this doofus to a rock and carry on my merry way. But then again, I’m not in love with him.

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Multi-Part Article: The Lord of the Rings (1978)

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