The Latest Movies to Become TV Series Will Make You Cry/Scream

When movies morph into television shows, sometimes you get something low key like Parenthood, and you wonder, “Is that still on the air? And if so, have I ever actually seen it? Was Leo DiCaprio in it or was that I dream I had?”

Other times, you might see a quirky movie like Fargo turned into an off-beat series that references the movie a little too much, and doesn’t have Bill Macy or Frances McDormand, but does have Martin Freeman and Bob Odenkirk, so it’s a wash.


And once in every generation comes the one—a truly mind-blowing supernatural extravaganza like Buffy, that’s so superior to the film we all agree to forget the original ever happened (for which Joss Whedon is grateful).

At the far opposite end of the spectrum, you have YouTube gold like the “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventures” TV series you never knew existed.

What gifts from Cinemaland will the television gods bring us next?

Over at the CW, home to highly attractive 20-something comic book heroes, highly attractive 20-something zombies, and way too many highly attractive 20-something vampires, there are (at least) two movie-to-television series under development.

cw remake toix

Not actually one of them.

One is The Notebook, the 2004 weepy you won’t admit to having seen and cried through. The movie is split between connected story lines in the past and present, ending (spoiler alert) with long-time marrieds Allie and Duke dying together, which is actually the best way any of us can hope to go (Imma need EXTRA meds today).

cw remake hey girl

How close will it stay to the original concept? Not much is known, but your humble recapper speculates they’ll move the timeline up and the ages of the leads down. It’ll be like Dawson’s Creek as a period piece, with a slight southern drawl. They can stretch the film’s story over five or more seasons, substituting Vietnam for WWII to add all that homefront drama/late 1960s social change (and so the present tense characters won’t be played by nonagenarians who won’t make it through the run).

Why does The Notebook make sense for the CW? Roots! The CW used to be the WB, which was on coming-of-age dramas mixed with romance like DawsonOne Tree Hill and Felicity. Whatever happened to her?

americans 3.11 kitchen

The last person who asked that question ended up stuffed a suitcase.

The other movie-to-television show is Friday the 13th. Teenagers, a sort-of immortal serial killer, the usual sex-leads to-violent-death connection, plus blood and gore galore. What’s not to like? It was even a comic book! The series will be set in Crystal Lake (not in Manhattan or in the future) and reportedly will be more of a “horror/crime thriller” than an anything (and anybody) goes blood fest.

cw remake friday the 13th

Scream and Scream Queens are already proving horror can have legs on TV, so bringing in a supernatural killer seems like a logical next step. Plus, there’ll be familiar characters from the film franchise and an ongoing story involving a detective searching for his missing brother. And yes, there will still be a Jason, and presumably a hockey mask.

It works the other way, too! Check out the seven worst movies born from old TV shows.

Marion Stein

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