The Last Airbender (2010) (part 2 of 10)

The siblings are hunting seals, and Katara narrates some more about how they’re members of the Southern Water Tribe. Rather oddly, she never calls Soak-a by name, and just keeps saying “my brother”. Maybe Shyamalan was a little embarrassed by the pronunciation himself.

The trail they’re on ends abruptly, and Soak-a talks about how much he did right, with a particularly bad delivery from Rathbone that’s rushed as hell. At least it’s an improvement over the completely wooden readings we’ll be getting for the rest of the film.

There’s something glowing underneath the ice, and Soak-a’s immediate reaction is to break the ice using the boomerang on his back. Shock of shocks, this doesn’t turn out to be such a good idea. And yes, these two are meant to have lived their whole lives in this type of frigid climate.

As the ice starts cracking, Soak-a tells Katara to stay away from the cracks. And Shyamalan may well believe she needed to be told that, being a girl and all.

A giant blue ball rises up, with a glowing figure inside. Katara’s response is to grab Soak-a’s boomerang and try to smash the ball open, and even Soak-a doesn’t see the sense in this. Our heroes, ladies and gentlemen: Both determined to die in the stupidest way possible.

The Last Airbender (2010) (part 2 of 10)
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Multi-Part Article: The Last Airbender (2010)

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