The Island (2005) (part 1 of 3)

This will be a little bit more than my usual movie review. Due to the controversy that erupted over the similarities between The Island and the film Parts: The Clonus Horror, and the special place that Clonus occupies here at the Agony Booth, I’ve got a whole lot of ground to cover this time around. Feel free to jump to the section of the review that interests you most:

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Multi-Part Article: The Island (2005)
Tag: Clonus v. DreamWorks

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  • Brian Garcia

    Seriously, you needn’t ever ask yourself what Ed Wood could have done with a $100 million budget. Just watch any Michael Bay film.

  • Elfshotthefood

    The first hour of this movie was pretty good. The second hour was Bay remembering he hadn’t blown anything up in the first 60 minutes.

  • Guest

    Do you want to know what i really think Michael Bay fucked up over with transformers? It’s that the movie isn’t really about the transformers. They film everything from the point of view of sam witwicky. It’s about sam witwicky meets the transformers and who wanted to see that really? What other superhero movie takes the point of view of an observer rather than the heroes?

    It’s like watching a superman movie from the point of view of lois lane. I mean, how boring can you get?

    When you think about that, you work out why all the transformers are so forgettable. Rather than for example in the original transformers movie, where the transformers are all individual and the humans are like little forgettable pets, with michael bays transformers it’s the other way around. Every transformer is a giant piece of metal that looks the same as the next one because u spend the entire time watching them from the point of view of the humans.

    For me, he might have even got things right if he didn’t try to play thing safe by selling the human angle.

    • CaptainCalvinCat

      And again I’ll ask: “if you don’t tell it from the human angle… why even letting it play on earth?”

  • sara

    I really love the idea of this movie, but there are a lot of plot holes and inconsistencies. I also agree that it is most definitely a rip-off of “The Clonus” but if you ask me, Michael Bay did a far better Job with the concept than the director of Clonus did. Its a good movie and there are a lot of witty and funny lines. But it does get sort of cheesy when it comes to Ewan’s character Lincoln. He plays the part perfectly, but its the scriptor that made the dialogue so distasteful. It has its flaws and its good moments. I think that you don’t give it as much credit as is deserved, though.

  • NixEclips

    Speaking of clone books, Spares is an amazing read!