The Howling: New Moon Rising (1995) (part 7 of 11)

Cut to Jaro crouching over Bumpkin #2’s bloody corpse and searching his pockets. Dolores and Harriet are there, and they assume a mountain lion killed him. Jaro finds a slip of paper in his pocket that reveals Bumpkin #2 was out on parole for murder. (To tell you the truth, it looks like a newspaper clipping.)

Dolores says to Harriet, “Bury him! You don’t need this!” Jaro sagely nods in agreement. Harriet suggests calling the police, but Dolores says “they don’t need to know anything!” Yeah, and just think of how tired the Inspector will be if he has to drive all the way out here and investigate another murder.

The Howling: New Moon Rising (1995) (part 7 of 11)

“Ooh! A 60% off sale at Ross Dress for Less! Oh, wrong side.”

Dolores sees her hesitation and suggests asking Pappy. Harriet shoots this idea down. “He’s already had one heart attack! He doesn’t need another one!” If that’s the case, you better not let him see the final cut of this movie.

Jaro promises to take care of the mountain lion, so Harriet says, “Well, this could be the dumbest or the smartest thing I’ve ever done!” I know where I’m putting my money. She finally agrees to just bury him. At moments like these, you have to wonder if this movie was actually meant to promote Pioneertown as a tourist attraction. What’s the town slogan? “What happens here, stays here, especially if it’s brutal murder”?

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Multi-Part Article: The Howling: New Moon Rising (1995)

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